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My ramblings and doodles
these are a mix of my thoughts, possibly poems, photos, and tekteks i've made... have fun reading
My character profile
This the character profile for my character Triss, I'm useing her in a story my friend Drie harte and I are writing together. This profiles a bit of a work in progress but tada biggrin hope you like it!

Full name: Trissia Iluandrea Chandury
Alias: Triss
-Actual:At start 14- 18 at the end of her time at rio
-Gaia: round 17
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120
Build: Skinny, flexible,
~Eye color: midnight blue (most of the time) turns greenish when a cat
~Hair color: brown, with streaks of red and black
~Hair length: down to the middle of her back at the longest but most of the time just below her shoulder.
~Facial scars: none
~Tattoos or other scars: one on her arm near her wrist; about an inch long, diagonal, stings when she's in major danger. She got it during a scuffle, the other persons blade was slightly magical.
~Body size: slight but not tiny
~Misc. Details: when a human: slight freckles on her nose, tanish skin, has "pianists hands", when she has bangs she tends to tuck them behind one ear when she's thinking.

pants- loose fitting, solid color (usually blue or brown) with light designs appearing occasionly, self repairing spells sewn into all clothes (they are the shimmery silver constantly moving design that are barely visible)
Shirts: comfortable fitted tops, sleeves are a little loose mostly near her hands, these tend to be solid colors with slight designs
Shoes: sandals or no shoes
Skirts: rarely wears them after her first year. when she does they are either ankle length or right above her knee with tight kapri like pants. the later are for fighting.

Weapons: at least 4 small daggers, bow and arrows, necklace
Main Weapon: During the first year or so at Rio her bow and arrows are her main weapon, after she makes them her daggers and her necklace
Sub weaponry: her shapeshifting and claws
Defensive weapons: her claws, dagger and "quills" (aka scary moodieness)

Misc. Details: she is part fey, which is part of what causes an attraction between Drei and herself. She is unable to control her shapeshifiting when she is younger. It occurs due to stress or being frightened, eventualy is able to get it under control. She retains one feature, such as eyes or tail till after shapeshiting until the next time.

History: Grew up in a moderatly wealthy family who lived outside of a small town. Her closest friend was her cousin Jon a year her senior, he taught her to ride, basic fighting and a little magic. He helped her in her first year at Rio before she got to know Drei. She and Drie have a rough start but eventually becomes best friend and true love. She stays at Rio Acadamy for the average four years, from the time she is almost fourteen till after she turns eighteen. She is learns a multitude of subjects but the most helpful to her are magic, how to control her shape shifting, diplomacy, fighting. She gains a deep understanding of the world in which Rio takes place and the problems within it. Eventually she joins a group trying to prevent a huge war from reacuring in the world.

Personality: shy, stubborn, calm, loving, lil ditzy, caring, mediator, reader, can be distracted moderatly easily, very observant if she needs to be, graceful (eventually)

Powers: can shape shift into any feline for a while, cannot stay in one form for much more than a day or she will start becoming that cat.

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