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My ramblings and doodles
these are a mix of my thoughts, possibly poems, photos, and tekteks i've made... have fun reading
Drei Harte is such a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is also know as Jonathan to most of you and GOD DO I HATE HIM! he is so frikin self absorbed and full of him self i cant believe that i put up for it and him for so long! he just spend most of the evening calling me a slutty whore and saying i didnt put any time into a relationship that spanned (i will admit on and off) almost 3 years! he just has so much audacity and can be suck a frikin (yes i am checking myself in case any youngsters read this) p***k! I can't believe everything he put me and us through and then claim that i didnt care about him at all. I saved him from suicide for goodness sake! i tried to help him through family and school issues! and we talked Every Single Day even though we live about 50 miles driving distance away from each other we saw each other ALOT! i had to put up with his family hating me for most of even our friendship. in fact i dont think his mom approved of me until after we broke up the final time and i took the things back to his house and he was a jerk to me in front of her! ....*sigh* its just so mystifying to me that he can still dump every problem of our relationship on me...and annoyingly parts of it actually makes sense...im hoping its cause im tired (its 1:30 in the morning atm) oh and another thing that got on my nerves? the thing that ticked off our fight tonight was the fact i hadnt sent me the stuff he had given me on gaia yet. yes he did ask for it a couple weeks ago but i've already been in college for A MONTH and he just started Wednesday and Im job hunting (along with every other teen everywhere) and have a billion and a half family problems. SO i finally got fed up and just told him to get on my account and get everything. prolly not the best idea in retrospect but whatever. so before he starts calling me names he asks for two items he gave to me a while ago back (inari beads and fallen wish) these are two of my FAVORITE items and he knows it. i tell him i'd like to keep them thank you and then he starts in on the whole "FINE keep THE most EXPENSIVE things then" rant but the thing is thats not even Y i Want them! i just like them. And he doesn't listen and takes them anyway and then proceeds to tell me how i've ruined his life for the past few years and should basically go die and all sorts of jazz. Girls as a warning, if you date a guy who either A) starts a relationship based on the fact you rescued him from suicide B) pushes your bisexual nature in ways you dont like, or straight nature for that matter or C) belittles you and flirts with your best friend i suggest you dump him. he will prolly give you the same song and dance my delightful ex just gave me, just roll with the punches darlings and if possible say goodbye first. A "I'm sorry you feel this way, goodbye" would probably be affective or for those wanting to leave on a lighter note and catch my reference try "so long and thanks for all the fish". as one of my amazing friends who jsut helped me get through the last few hours said remember think positively and know he's just saying that cause he's hurt and its not true. Do not keep people who bring negativity into your life, and above all stay positive!

Odawalla Cheese
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Odawalla Cheese
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