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Neiru's Dream
A little journal that takes place in my dreams, or so I to like think. I'll be writing about anything interesting that happened in my life or just random stuff/doodles. I might often post my art here too.
Fantasy; Part 5
Not done. Adding more later.

Father is standing in the field, caressing a small daisy. I ran to him, calling his name, but I heard no sound. I paused, felt my lips, and said a few words. They were moving. Why can I not speak? Terror shook me. I wanted to ask Papa why--is there something wrong with me? I looked up to the man in the field. He gazed at me and gestured for me to come. I walked to him slowly....then I saw it. The flash of steel. I ran faster and started to shout. But then it came down silently, and a pool of blood appeared. Dead--lifeless, cold, and reborn into the earth.

I woke up in a start, my palms sweating furiously. Dawn was beside me asking if I was alright. I could only nod my head weakly.

"Would you like some jasmine tea...?" Dawn's quiet voice calmed me down. "Work will be starting in an hour."

"If it won't be any trouble," I replied. I almost forgot that I'll be living in the palace now. Although it's the portion of the palace where nobles barely go to, it's still the palace. I rubbed my head and my face, trying to return the blood to my cheeks. I took out the cross necklace that was underneath my shirt and held it while uttering a silent prayer. Sighing, I got of my plush bed and into the washroom next door. Thankfully, the servant quarters were roomy enough for everyone. No one had to share one bathroom with five people. Dressing in my uniform, I pinned my hair and wished the eyebags under my eyes weren't so apparent. They were like black holes compared to my pale skin.

"Tea is ready!" Dawn called out. The calming scent of jasmine loosened my nerves. She served the tea in small, simple cups with a plate of bread and butter.

"Thank you very much," I replied. The warm liquid was very invigorating. I glanced at her to find that she stared at me with a puzzled expression. "Is something wrong...?"

"You do know that you were to meet Seyra an hour ago?" she said.

I gasped. She's right! "Oh shoot! Darn it. And I was supposed to learn some magic today!"

"Don't worry. There's an hour break during noon; visit her then. But you must be quick."

I sighed in relief. "Thanks...my personal agenda." I mocked-teased her; without Dawn's personality and memory, I could never keep up with servant life.

The sun rose quietly, signaling the palace to come to life. Armed with a broomstick, I swept the halls and the crevices that will never be noticed. I did not want that dream to turn my whole day upside down. My noon break fast approached, so I dressed in my usual training clothes, which I preferred any day over the servant's uniform. Making sure my beret was on tightly, I ran quickly to Seyra's place.

"Laddie!" the booming voice roared over my ears. I spun around to Sir Pier's face towering mine. "Back for some practice?"

"No sir," I muttered, slightly overwhelmed. "I have errands to do."

"Cripes. And I thought I could persuade you for another round in sparring. Where do you work, lad?"

"Servant palace."

"Really? That makes it all the more interesting. I could use some help 'round here. Why don't you help us out? The academy here needs some sprucing up. And you'll be able to participate in lessons...my good eye doesn't let any capable swordsman escape my grasp." He slapped me in the back slightly. "I'll pay for your wages, if that's what it takes. Give me your answer tomorrow. Same time."

My jaw dropped. I backed away, but not before bowing. As soon as I caught my breath, I sprinted all the way to Seyra's and almost knocked down her door before I reminded myself to knock. Impatiently, I rapped the tune and let myself in.

"Giddy, aren't we?" Seyra commented, sitting beside a windowsill, she was fixing a pair of leather gloves.


"Mind talking in my language?" She chuckled a bit and handed me a glass of water.

I drank it in several gulps and collapsed onto the ground. "I've just been offered a job by Sir Pier, the sword master! I gotta clean and help out, but he said I could participate in the training!"

"Oh? That's a wonderful opportunity. But have you thought about it?"

"Thought? I have no second thoughts! It's too perfect!"

Seyra shook her head. She looked at me sternly and slowly pointed at my clothes. My boyish clothes. I almost cursed.

"I just won't have to tell anyone then!" My mind was made up; I didn't want to be a palace servant all my life. I didn't want to clean people's mess-ups everyday! "I'm sure of this. I'll just be careful." Clenching my trembling fists, I stared back at Seyra.

"I didn't say I'd stop you," her soothing voice calmed me down. "Come here and take off your hat." I obeyed and took off my beret--my medium-length hair tumbling down in bundles. "Now hold still." She grabbed a nearby dagger and slid it across my hair until it was short bob-cut. "There, look it over."

I glanced at a mirror tacked on the wall. I looked younger and more of a boy now. I smiled slightly, the frowned, trying to look manly. I deepened my voice slightly. "Looks great. You should be a professional hair-cutter."

"No thanks, I rather be confined to swords and magics." She winked at me and tossed a large tote bag my way. "Bandages, cloth....to hide the fact that you're a girl. Now leave this place at once, I'm busy. Come by tomorrow, and I'll start your lessons." She threw a book at me, which hit the door as I scurried out of her room. I took my time walking back, knowing the storm that would await me at the palace.

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