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Neiru's Dream
A little journal that takes place in my dreams, or so I to like think. I'll be writing about anything interesting that happened in my life or just random stuff/doodles. I might often post my art here too.
Fantasy; Part 6
I rather have her yelling at me than just staring... Jane thought as she shifted uncomfortably in her chair. As soon as she got back from her break and from her meeting with Seyra, Dawn glared at her until the day was almost over. By then, the girl dragged Jane into their quarters with an iron fist.

"Would you like to explain, or rather I just glare you down some more?" Dawn asked as she sipped a cup of spiced tea. She set it down on a nearby table, but not without making a sound and almost spilling the hot liquid. "For goodness sake! You cut your hair and joined the swordmaster's training group?! Why, Jane, why?" Pacing the room, Dawn sneaked an icy look at her friend.

"Dawn, you know how miserable I would be if I stayed a maid all my life. I know I should have thought about this, but I did! Well, not as long as I probably should have, but I did think about it. I can still get paid for doing work for Sir Pier."

Dawn sighed. She looked Jane squarely in the eye. "I know you would be happier with Sir Pier, and I knew you would think about it...I just can't believe it. And to top it all, you're covering as a boy?! You know that if you quit your job as a servant, you won't be able to board here, right?"

"I know. I'm sorry," my eyes slid downcast. "I don't want to leave you, but I want to do this. I'll ask if I could stay with Seyra. I don't want to be a palace servant. I want to avenge my father. I want to fight." The words stumbled out of my mouth in a rush.

"Sleep, then. I'll have your things packed by tomorrow." Without another word, Dawn left the room as I muttered curses at myself.

Sunlight hit the next morning. By then, I was up and dressed in light breeches and an undershirt topped with a tunic. I went downstairs into the kitchen as silently as I could. There, I fixed my breakfast and ate. Thoughts jumbled, I nearly jumped as a hand lay on my shoulder. Dawn smiled slightly at me.

"Here. I told the palace servant-in-charge that you resigned." She pointed to bags filled with my clothes. "I sent the rest of your materials to Seyra...but what of your mother?"

Gulping down my last bit of bread, I moved to the sink and washed my plates. Hesitantly, I replied, "Well, she need not know about this. The money I get working for Sir Pier will surely be more than my current--or last job now, as I should say." I turned to face Dawn.

A moment of silent passed between us before she gave me a hug. "I'll visit you and keep a lookout for a trouble."

I grinned at my friend. "Thank you," I whispered as I headed toward the door and left. "I won't let you down."

"So here's the troublemaker." Seyra smirked as she let me into her room. "I had to wake up early just to clean my place up for you."

"Thanks, I suppose."

"You make interesting choices, Jane."

"Or bad ones," my eyes met hers, and we both smiled. "I'll try my best to keep out of your way, I'll do what you ask me to. All I ask is for you to let me stay here."

"I know. But what bothers me is how you'll keep your identity as a boy. I'm sure you're well aware that girls cannot participate publicly in sword trainings and such."

"I'm aware. But I can't afford these lessons...and life as a maid just isn't cut out for me."

"There's more to it, though." I could feel Seyra's eyes on me, but I just kept my head down. A few seconds passed before she said, "All right. There's an adjoined room next to this. Leave your stuff there; I'll teach you some basic medicine mixes."

The next two hours were spent under the sinking sunlight. After learning the differences between different herbs and learning how to properly wash and grind them, I could barely remember getting into bed.

"What time is it?" I asked as a hand shook me awake. I could barely see the sun rising outside a nearby window. In fact, the sun hasn't even risen at all.

"Sleepyhead." I sat upright, remembering the soft tinkling voice. Dawn was next to me with a plate of rolls. "Good morning."

"Morning!" My lips twitched into a grin despite being drowsy. "What's up?"

"Nothing. I thought to check on you today, but it looks like you're doing alright. But I thought you might like to know that Tarren was asking about you yesterday." I almost dropped my roll. "I said that you resigned, and well...let's say he almost talked to your mother before I told him not to."

"Did he say anything else?" I asked warily, hoping that my cover wasn't blown before I could get any training done.

"No...but I'm sure he's not going to stop barraging me with questions. No, don't look sorry," Dawn grinned at me as she bit into a roll. "I don't want to regret this. Anyway, I'll leave you for now. Work calls me." Bidding me ado, she left her room as I began undressing. I bandaged my chest as tight as I could (but still comfortably) and donned on two cotton shirts, my tunic, and breeches. Thanks to my short hair, I did not have to wear my cap.

Seyra's still asleep... my head swam with thoughts as I left my room and into the courtyard outside. From there, I strode to the training courts with as much confidence as I could gather. Sir Pier sat on a barrel. He waved me down.

"I expected you'd come." He flashed me a white, wide smile. "Your answer?"

My fists trembled, but I nodded my head. He patted my back roughly with a palm.

"Good. Now grab a sword--I'd like to see what you know so far. Hopefully you're not wet behind the ears."

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