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Aurrik's Scripts
My writings of prose, poetry, short story, songs and other likeminded stuff. My other profile, wulfreiks, holds the same information.
Edge Of The World
((This is probably one of my more up beat songs. Could pass for either a Coldplay or The Killers song with how it is in my head.))

I'm looking back
Before I step ah-head.
Is this a dream
did I get out of beh-hed?
For some reason
I'm standing on the eh-edge.
Standing on the edge of the world.

One step off
and I'm think-in'.
With everything that's happened
what was I think-in'?
This jump
was never meant to occur-er.
But now I'm on this ride
and it's all because of her-er.

I thought about
what was never meant to be-he.
I thought about you
And I thought about me-he.
Open your eyes
So I can show you what I see-he.
Now it feels like
I'm falling off the edge of the world.

it all happened so fa-ast.
The moments
have all blown pa-ast.
You and I
it wasn't meant to la-ast
And now it feels like I'm heading off the edge of the world.

The edge of the world
Seemed like my closest fra-end.
Feeling a high
The more that I de-scend.
I hope this trip I'm on
will never come to an eh-end.
Either way,
I'm heading off the edge of the world.

Diving down
the air behind me hum-in'.
Going down
the ground is up and com-in'.
Heading down
my heart beats just a drum-in'.
That's what I get for jumping off the edge of the world.

I hit the ground with for-orce.
Sprawled out
I wake up on the floor-ore.
She's there
knocking on my door-ore.

really can't be seri-us.
I'm just bit deliri-us.
it's really just the two of us.
Who jumped off the edge of the world.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Dec 11, 2008 @ 09:21pm
Awesome song. I loved it. I also sang it lol.

Keep up the writing ^.^

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