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Chaos Flames of the Rebirth
Chaos Flames of the Rebirth
As i walked through the doors oh my high school i was blinded by the sun. It is May and it is abnormally hot so far. I have always like the weather in my city of Lincoln, but i like to complain about it anyways. As i was walking down the stairs i noticed all the greenery around the school. I has been rushing in between classes so much, that it really just takes a second to stop and notice the beautiful things. as i was coming down the stairs i was greeted by a fellow classmate of mine. "hey man we are all headed to the arcade after school you in?" Kaysito Yamato,this kid had always gotten on my nerves. The year before he had just come into my school from some hick town in the Kyto district. He tried to show me who was boss, but he soon found that to be a little harder than usual if you know what i mean, but since then he has always tried to get 'buddy buddy' with me. "uhm nah, i have a summer project to get working on... sorry."
" But its the first day of summer vacation? Can't you work on it later?"
"You know my parents, slave drivers. well you guys enjoy yourselves and try and beat my highscore!" i pasted on a fake smile to try and get him to think i was sincere.
"yeah man maybe next time?"
"yeah you know it!" i turned my back on him like he was nothing. I was i was that simple. To just forget the past and, get on with my life. But that wasn't the case, not in the least bit. My name is Leonato Yokubou. I have spent my life studying, yes nothing cool like "Jujitsu" or any type of fighting. I'm just another Joe Schmoe off the street, or at least that's what i thought. When i was a child my mother told me i had the softest eye's of anyone she had ever seen. She told me that i would grow to be something special. That i was destined for greatness.
I was only six years old, that is when my mother died. She was killed in her sleep. By my father, he then immediately committed suicide. What a nice start to my life. How could a father rob his only son like that? Since then i had tried to rid every single memory of them from my mind. I was put into foster care immediately and spent most of my natural born life in shot-term foster care homes. What a hell that was. I tried my hardest to behave and be the good guy, in hope that one day i would be adopted and sent to a good family. But, that definitely wasn't the case. It was always, "he's too old", "too mature for his age", "he needs to smile more". If they had even a single idea what i had been through in the short time i had been alive they would be welcoming me with open arms.

to be continued...

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Community Member

Sun Apr 05, 2009 @ 04:23am

very.. strong. i could picture the seen going on. Very ture, Very real.hmmm, I like it biggrin

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