Leonato desperately looked about the room for some clues. What could be the real reason he had been brought to this Hell?

"Are you just going to sit there thinking like an idiot? or are you going to take the facts as they are and move on with your life?" Said the interesting demon. He had Cyan hair and he stood about 6 feet from the ground. Leonato brushed off the comment and stood shakily as he assessed his body. He eyed his skin and hair as he found they had changed also. His beautiful black hair had been stained red and his white skin was now dark.

"You may be wondering about your appearance? Well when the process goes underway most of your humanly features diminish. Look" The demon handed him a mirror where he looked at his face. His eyes here dark red and the whites of his eyes were pitch black. Two large horn stretched up the length of his skull and sat neatly at his brow. He also noticed a gleaming orange and red structure behind his as he noticed a large pair of bird wings.

"What the hell! I'm a freak!"

"Oh please don't call yourself that, you are a grade S Incubus. That is a prestigious position. Only about 1 in a 50 billion make that spot. Usually they are stuck being imp's or something stupid like that."The demon said with a booming voice.

"And what the hell are you supposed to be? A ******** goat or something?" He said nervously.

The demon raised a brow, "Uhm no master, I am but a Fawn. I was created to do the service of the devil." he took a bow as he lowered his head. "My race has the great duty of being messengers."

Leonato greatly tried to move the great appendages on his back but it failed miserably.

"My sir, please do not try to move your great wings. They are not quite developed yet." He said coming out of the bow. "Now if you would please follow me into the Training quarte-"

"I'm not going anywhere with you, I want to go back to earth" he said sweating slightly.

"I can assure you sir that is quite impossible, now if you accompany me you will get the answers you desire."