The Fawn led him along a maze of corridors until the met a large set of doors. The fawn spoke softly "alright a small word of advice, you have been chosen by the great one. So keep your remarks respectful and keep your questions to the minimum." Leonato thought hard on the questions he would ask the demon. The fawn set his large hoof upon the door as steam was released from the large steel doors. They creaked open reluctantly as a 100 meter tall black suit of horned armor stood in the stone room. There was a single path of earth that stood above a pool of lava. The fawn extended his and once again to lead the way. Leonato wearily stepped upon the bridge.

Leonato stepped lightly upon the bridge as he starred up upon the great armor. It's eyes burned red with power. It spoke... "Hello Leonato" the voice shook the whole room violently. "You are probably wondering the reason for me bringing you to this world."

"Yeah that would be pretty friggin nice" He said snappily.

"I brought you here to lead the army of hell...."