So, today I changed my user name. Of course, I've grown fond of the nickname Kiera but I really wanted to change the user name. It just wasn't kick a** enough for me. 3nodding I hope people still call me Kiera, though. Seriously, I like that nick name. So...

Today I woke up. I breathed and I ate. I watched some T.V.


I slept the whole day. No, that's a lie too. I woke up and I went to the Moon. Fact. That there is some truth. It turns out it is not made of cheese. I have never felt so devestated. Turns out I've been lied to all these years. I went to the friggin' MOON for nothin'. I hope the Moon People are satisfied that I visited their lunar surface for nothing. THANKS A LOT. However, I did see some nice rocks.

And now I have Pringles and my life is complete.