Today I ran around as a ninja/pirate (it was so kickass).The reason was because me and some of 'da crew' had a fight about which was cooler (pirates or ninjas). Well they're both really badass, but which is better? So I thought about what I could do to find out. I went to a ninja camp for three days and learned the way of the ninja...which was too time consuming so I bought a "How to be a Ninja DVD" crying I fail at being a ninja, so next was pirates mrgreen and I learned by watching Pirates of the carrobeans (I spelt that wrong just so I hopefully don't get sued), anyway I ended up getting drunk and screaming " scream WHERE THE HELL IS THE RUM GONE! stressed "

So, with that, I came to the decision that ninjas and pirates are equally as awesome, but I'm sure that's debateable. xD