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boardom, my most common weekness
RANT ALMIGHTY! I hope no one reads this yet at the same time
No seriously, I'm unleshing the forsaken and idiotic rant here because it's to my beleif people are less likley to read it. However on the other hand, I kind'a hope someone finds it. . . . [lol? The irony between human emotions and human efforts]

I had a dream last night, I don't remember much, but it started out as making a movie with these random people, 3 of them, one was a popular youtuber, named Nick, but I kept calling him "Nike" XD Apperently I also had a grandmother named Nick.

Between helping out with this small movie project, Nike [lol] would take pictures of meh, obviously flirting. However the story moved on from that to somehow growing 3 differnt plants to mark a pathway, of which me and people from my youth group had to walk down to deliver boxes. Seriously, the last plant path ways like walking through a chinese rice feild, so flooded @.@

Anyway, I digress, as we approached our destionation, Ryan M. [senior @ my school, plays football, goes to my chuch] started a conversation and playing frisbie with me out of knowhere, this comes directly from thursday, from when we had our first "real" conversation, where he called my actions 'cute' XD Ryan, guys with good hair, and that are amazingly talented can't just start buttering up the quiet sister of the girl he finds pretty and a good singer. . . .why sarah D: why?

The dream led up to me having to ubruptly move, AGAIN. Breezy, Alex, andrew -.-, and some people from my youth group where there to see me off, I was in the middle of reading a good-bye letter when I woke up.

I struggled to try and stay asleep, to see what happened next, but it was no use, the dream was over. crying

As I woke up, I got a chain text reading "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! WHEEWT!"

But my thoughts where quickly pulled back to, "Oh my Gawd, there's so many people here I'm aquainted with, but don't really 'know'." And it would suck to abruptly leave without hanging out with them just a bit D:

Also, there was a person that I imidiently noticed and questioned why he wasn't in my dream! Every since that moment today, I've wanted to hang out with him, I donno, do something fun, but [zOMG, the MCR song that just came on pandora is really good, "I never told you what I did for a living" lol] not a movie, seen to many latley.

I just need to get out of the house period. I want to go to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, but not buffalo D: sounds boring.

So this was originally going to be a rant, yet has just turned into a journal entry about a dream =_=

I've only proven my first paragraph statment "[lol? The irony between human emotions and human efforts]"


I spent 4 hours DOODLING last night!!! DOODLES! Not even important and substancial artwork, not a single comic panel, DOODLES.

Also yesterday morning I went raping youtube, and when going in for the kill I looked up "Armageddon: Animal Crackers" <----

Needless to say, I really wish I would have watched the whole movie before whatching that imparticular scene X_X

Not going to lie here, as much as my pride wants me to, it was one of the cutest scenes I've ever scene in a movie, and caught me completly off gaurd, the way my friend, who suddgested I watch that movie the day before, came across to me as it would be more of a funny scene, in a way I guess it was, but still a unexpected pleasent suprise <3

*drops head on computer desk like socially akward girl n Breakfast Club*

Now that I'm back to talking to female friends more often, my head's a bit clearer XD

Having most of my friends I talk to during the day being guys messes with my head some how confused




I want to play world of Warcraft with a Friend, while comunicating over computer mics, like I did last Valentine's Day ;___;


I don't want to see any new movies til March

I'm grounded from the computer XD

I need to get dressed

Having some breakfast would be good to

I have 132 subscribers on youtube

MY throat hurts

I got my neices addicted to Sonic games XD

The last text I got was @ 10:26, and I didn't reply to the person >3

I need to get up and use the bathroom >>

I feel like listing random remarks about myself right now :]

I do it because I hope someone reads it

SIlly me.

OMG, I just remembered that in my dream, me and someone talked about Punky XD Like he knew my little sister or somthing.

My older brothers and ignorant jerk -_-

I treat him like crap because of it

"I give good advice but seldom fallow it" <--Alice in Wonderland

Lion King is a good movie =]

I prefer flowers over Chocolate

Haha, I actully don't mind being patted on the head like a cat

The nickname "Kid" isn't so bad <<

People use to call me "Chipmonk" "Kitty" "Misa" "RJ" and "Weasel Girl"

Linkin Park gets old after about a while

From some reason I don't get tired of MCR

I have the song "Love Story" on my ipod XD

My favorite color is blue, but the shade I prefer is always different

I want ranch daritos and a Salad o.o/

Modern Millie, City of Angels, Wicked, and Avenue Q are great Musicals!

I've never been farther West than Kansas City @.@

I'm listening to the some "Only in New York"

I need to get a shower!

I'm pathetic. . . . . yet kick arse >[

I beat up a guy in 2nd grade who tried to ask me out, punching him on the bus, slamming doors in his face, and ect =D . . . .he was in 4th grade

My best friends have been Aaron, Kortney, and Stephan.

Aaron was my first best friend, in 1st grade

He was in a different class, but snuck over to sit with me, it'd just be me and him, and when the recess aids came around, he'd put a peanut butter cookie infront of his face, pretending to hide lol.

[now listning to "Somebody Else" by Hawk Nelson]

Me and Aaron both agreed, the peanut butter in the PB&J sandwhiches was to sticky, stuck to the roof of your mouth to much, and pretty much choked you D:

Neither of us liked Peas

I never got to say good bye when he left school

I was sick on his last day of school, the next day I came and he was gone.

His dad must have gotten sationed somewhere else in the US


Kortney's just flat out amazing

I have NO idea how Stephan put up with me for my entire 9th grade year!!! XD

I talked to him online alomst everyday, he turned 21 the past december

Stephan was pretty much the ONLY person I talked to that entire year

We don't talk this that much any more =/ <--my fault

He had his first book published this year! <3

KRIFFIX CAN SUCK IT! [not really]

Zombies ARE great for movies

I find Dodge Vipers sexy, no lie, it's sad

DJ ur an IDIOT! D: reeettaarrrdddd

I think Andrew Texts me WAI 2 MUCH!

I jump around the house singing to songs like "Play the funky music white boy" "Ready to Die" and "DEAD!". . . not just "So much better" lol

I've never had a boyfriend, because I'm to busy rejecting guys biggrin XD

Kaleb has liked me for 2 years crying I know I'm not that amazing

I spent 2 hours reading about C.S Lewis on Wikipedia

I need to re-watch the LOTR series AND Back 2 the future

I don't like Harry Poter OxO I never thought the series was that original

I expected Coraline to be ALOT more demented than it was ;___;

I hate it when I result to making a fool of myself over online blogs, journals, and text messages. pirate

I didn't use my myspace til I started attending FLB

I'm bored

Underworld 3 wasn't as gory as I thought it would be *dissapointment*

This one can't spell 8D

I have a goldendoodle named buddy mrgreen

I need to be whacked over the head!

I tought myself to draw and use Martial Arts

I was onced asked out by a girl gonk

I want to read Joe's comic series >>

I want to visit Ceder Point this summer =]

One day, I'll be a guest at San Deigo Comic Con!!!!!

I'm a suprisingly clean person O.O

I call my room "Poster Hell"

I think I'm done here sweatdrop

{ listening to "undefeted" by Audio Adrenaline }

I'm gunna get a shower, get dressed, get some food, and watch Armageddon


[this valentines thing has got me all soft, I swear! 4laugh ]

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