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boardom, my most common weekness
“Apple Tree”

~Keep your eye on the apple, it usually doesn’t roll to far away from the tree~

Virginia, 1798
“So what do you plan to do after you….succeed?” Rouse asked Abel with a concerned face. Abel threw a stern emotionless expression at Rouse, as if he was saying “Why even bother asking that? You know I will succeed.”

Though Abel stayed away from going through that conversation with Rouse again, and got ready to deliver his best friend the cold truth. He pulled himself up and sat against the far back dirt wall of the hide out. The hide out was a small cellar near the back of Abel’s old house, which was located on the western outskirts of town. The cellar was holding Abel, Rouse, and 10 others. 10 others out of 57, of which still remained alive during the war, who were all rebels gathered by Abel to change the course of history.

To change the history that should have never been, a history that was never the intended story line given to the earth by it’s creator.

“I don’t plan to do anything more.” Abel finally replied, not even glancing at his friend. Rouse shook his head leaning towards Abel. “No, no, Abel don’t tell me that.” Rouse started. He had already seen this coming; he just didn’t want to hear it from his friend.

“Abe, you don’t have to die. There’s still so much you can do here!” Rouse pleaded.
Abel turned his head in a very smooth yet lazy motion. “Kid, I became one of the best lawyers in the whole New England territory, got married to a beautiful woman, had a child, and then turned into what I call a demon.” He paused. “After I received these unnatural powers, I lost my wife, child, job, the ability to age, and now I’m putting an end to it, and an end to those who have eaten the fruit and become a monster like myself.
I’ve done plenty, and after this, I’ll be more than willing to go.”

Rouse knew there wasn’t anything he could say to this. He wanted to reason with his friend, but couldn’t find the words.

“You on the other hand-“Abel began. “You have the responsibility of watching the fruit so this whole monster business doesn’t start up again. And I’m also expecting you to find an absolutely gorgeous wife, and raise a happy family, with lots of kids, got that Rouse Kempley?” Abel flashed his stained teeth at the young man, giving him a cheesy grin.

Rouse, couldn’t say a word. He knew everything Abel had stated was true. He did what he could, and sat up strait, looking strait forward, pulled his knees up to his chest, and hugged them. Not intending to say anything more, for as long as he could possible could.

Then a sound went off. The sound was so faint and so high pitched; a dog wouldn’t be able to hear it. Yet 11 people, not including Rouse, yet including Able, shot their heads up at the noise, they seemed so attentive that you would think they could sense a spider devouring a fly 5 miles away. “That’s our queue.” Abel said will a grin staring off into space.

Abel stood up, and then the rest of the rebels stood…the living ones at least.
An beautiful, and some what pale, Indian girl with long black hair walked over to open the cellar doors, when she got there she unlocked it, turned the handle, then, despite her 118 pound body, flung the doors over the house across the street.

One by one, the rebels casually walked up the space in which the doors were originally located, the area which allowed them out onto the dirt street. Once there, it was like they vanished into the outside world. Once all but 2 were gone, Able turned back and looked
Down to Rouse smiling once again. “Rouse, just as regular humans can only stand until they get tired, we can only sit until we get anxious.”

Rouse knew this to be true, sooner or later he would have to get up and move along with life. The way the two friends now viewed their fate, was like viewing something that was set in stone. Abel would go lead the remaining rebels into the last battle, destroying the remaining mânca. Or in long, “mânca o fructul interzis”, and after that Rouse would live on, surviving on the fruit he had eaten a dew days before, and keep the remaining fruit safe so that this epidemic of never aging super humans would never happen again, at least while, Rouse was still around.

Though the little details were still blurry two these two, just as the big details are still unclear or even missing to this stories readers, everyone knew the only way to fill the details gaps was to move on, for the best friends, move on with life, for the readers, keep reading and go ahead and pull that all-nighter reading session, and as for me, the author, let the radio play what it plays and let my fingers dance freely.

For what happens next was exactly as the two planned, but what happened 230 years later, no one fore saw.

....except maybe the extra sugar in my tea.

And God….he would know as well…. He like, knows everything.

Chapter 1

“I'm waking up at the start of the end of the world” “Jen!!”

“But it's feeling just like every other morning before”

“Now I wonder what my life is going to mean if it's gone” “OH Jennet!”

“The cars are moving like a half a mile an hour if that”

“And I started staring at the passengers who're waving goodbye”

“Can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?”

A voice yelled out as its owner snatched my iPod and turned the music volume down so low it was hardly hearable.

I stared at the light auburn haired 40 year old foster mom with a moronic teenager expression on my face. “Um, hello? I was listening to that.” Which was a pretty stupid response to a parent who just yanked your iPod, if I may say so myself.

“Hi.” She answered in a smart-alecky, immature way, which wasn’t unusual for her. Clara Tomlin. Pish. My hypothesis for her immaturity was that she didn’t have a childhood and this was her belated one.

I’ve been with Clara as long as I can remember, and even though she’s my foster mom, she’s always appealed to me as more of the grandma that you stay over the summer and is willing to have fun with her grandchild and spoil them by giving whatever they want. Of course, just like a grandmother Clara has lots of money, even if she doesn’t show it. She also has lots of friends and seems to be a glutton for some rich gossip.
Clara also refuses to spill anything about her love life.

As I said. Belated childhood…just with credit cards and a driver’s license.

Clara motioned for me to take my legs off the small, beat up, black couch I’d been laying on. After sitting down and looking around my cluttered room she looked at me as If she had something to say, but couldn’t quite find the words to say. After I had cleared my throat to help her out, she smiled and got ready to deliver her speech.

“Rouse Kempley-“She began.

“Oh no.” I thought.

I got ready for her to talk me into something. Any “Rouse” conversations usually involved me having to help do a favor for his family.

Rouse was one of Clara’s very near and dear friends. He is in his 30s, married, has the most adorable daughter, and owns an apple orchard near by. Rouse also has a job going over “census” from the past 2, or 300 hundred years. Which I honestly don’t understand, shouldn’t that be some government type job or something?

“-would like it if you came and worked on the orchard this summer. He knows you’re job as a tutor will only last until the end of this month right after you’re 10th grade finals, and Rouse thinks that you would like working at the orchard as opposed to getting a job at some fast food place.” Which was true, and at this point I didn’t want to argue with Clara.

And yes, I tutor people. Unlike most people I can actually do math, read, and write.

I mean, think about it. I probably get paid more then I’ll deserve for being almost like a niece to him. I don’t have to deal with getting a bad night shift, or people complaining about petty things like “I ordered my burger without cheese!” You know, and if I recall Rouse also had a cute son or someone related to him who was around my age. Alright, heck I sound a bit self centered right now, but I’m just trying to convince myself to take the job instead of getting into a long and regretful argument with Clara.

I turned to her slightly nodding and smiling. “You know what? I’ll try it out.”

Clara smiled joyfully at me; you could see the obvious relief on this woman’s face just as you could see the sun in the middle of July. “I’m so glad!” She said hugging me. Duh, of course she was glad. She just got her teenage daughter to agree with her.
[Which I bet is more then most of the reader’s parents can say.]

Clara took a step back gleaming at me, her hands clasping mine. “Just think, you won’t have to deal with employees who are annoyed of you!” She said laughing.

If only that was true.

That fallowing Saturday Clara and I pulled up to the “Trenton Apple Orchard” to talk about the job. I always thought that it was funny we lived 5 minutes away from this ‘Trenton county’ Orchard, yet were located in ‘Lamoine corner county’, Maine. The whole idea of small areas of a small state inside Small Country always amused and confused me. Probably because I still don’t know how it all works, I’ve never taken the time to stop and figure the areas out. My educational downfall is obviously geography.

Clara parked the car and its engine mumbled a bit and then slowly dyed down. I jumped out of the Red Saturn Relay onto the gravel parking lot along with Clara. As expected, Rouse was there to greet us and Clara was already shuffling across the white and grey rocks to hug him.

Rouse had on a white T-shirt, and a brown jacket on, with the sleeves rolled up just above his elbows, and then a pair of dirty blue jeans. Now, the thing about Rouse was no matter how much of a slacker outfit he had on, or how much dirt he had treaded that day, he always managed to look good. He had messy dark chocolate hair, and once again was in need of a shave. Time to goo see his good friend Sweeny.

The usual routine was performed, Clara and Rouse hugged and greeted each other, but I didn’t pay attention and watched his wife Evelyn and his adorable daughter Lydia, walk out of the house to meet us.

Evelyn was beautiful, she also had dark chocolate hair, and hers was soft and wavy and flowed down to the middle of her back. Her face was practically flawless, and you could see her Indian genes had graced her in the presence of her eyes and smile. Evelyn has an amazing sense of style as well, which also passed down to her daughter. Did I mention how adorable Lydia is? She always has some sort of cute hair clip{s} in her, more milk chocolaty hair, with a matching adorable outfit. And no, with her appearance I am not stressing the word “adorable” at all. She’s. Just. That. Adorable.

“Hey Lydia!” I shouted to the little 11 year old. “Jen!” She squealed as she ran to me.
Lydia jumped into my arms, Clara and Rouse laughing, Evelyn just now reaching the group.

“It’s good to see ya again kid.” Rouse laughed as he gave me a small noggie. “I was worried you’d become sick of apples and didn’t want to be within 10 miles of the juicy fruits that live here!” He finished with a load laugh that slowly turned into nervous laugh at his bad joke. I however managed to find the funny side in that and was willing to save him from full embarrassment.

“What?! Dear Mr. Rouse, even a loathing passion for apples couldn’t keep me away from you guys!” I joked in an exaggerated voice. “Well, that’s good to know, because we have some fresh apple pie waiting inside.” Evelyn interrupted in a calm, almost musical voice.
“OH! Sounds gooood!” Clara said clapping, she beamed at me and Lydia, who was I was holding in my arms. Me and Lydia watched as everyone started off for the house, making small talk as they walked, then we looked at each other and Q’ed the fake smiles, crossed eyes, and sarcastic voices, “Oh golly gosh! More apples!”

Once inside, everyone seemed to divide into two separate groups. The first group thrived in the comfort of the living room on the couch and recliner. It included Rouse, Evelyn, and Clara. The second group hung out at the small extra table in the [filthy] back kitchen/wash room and included me, Lydia, and that hopeless 15 year old romantic, Kirk. Yeah, his name is Kirk, as in “Captain Kirk” AND he IS a hopeless romantic.

Kirk had been adopted by the Kempleys; his parents had died when he was about 4. He was also born with a strange skin disease, which he shared with his older brother, Christopher. I didn’t know anything about Chris other than he refused to visit Kirk and was pretty cold hearted. I felt bad for the kid when I wasn’t having fun picking on and joking about his naïve ways.

The sound of the TV and laughter from the living room left our table feeling a bit awkward. “So what are you looking forward to doing while you work here?” Kirk asked me, trying to replace the silence with a smart conversation. Too bad I wasn’t looking forward to working here; just hoping summer would breeze by.

“I’m not sure really.” I started honestly. “Other then picking apples, and working at the store I honestly don’t know how you guys work around here.” I fidgeted with the small piece of pie and ended up breaking off one of the prongs on my plastic fork. Great.

It was again silent for a moment that did not last nearly long enough to hold back Kirk’s monotone opinion. “Oh but there’s plenty.” He began. “There’s sorting apples, giving tours, thinning, importing honeybees, using insecticide, netting, weed control, bird patrol, squirrel patrol…” At that point Lydia threw an annoyed glance at him. In Lydia’s opinion, Kirk was just a parasite who’s every movement, comment, look, or breath severely annoyed her to the point she would want to whack him upside the head just for walking into the same room as her. That’s quite a bit of an anger issue for an eleven year old cutie.

“I think I’ll stick to the basics then, and try to stay away from the bees...and maybe the squirrels as well;” Was the comment I gave to try and soften up the moment. However I could tell my efforts hadn’t done much, if anything at all.

I now noticed my slice of delicious, warm, cinnamon, freshly baked, (Am I make you jealous yet?) apple pie had disappeared, which kind of made me sad. The pie had been something to occupy myself with while having to sit here at the table. This new silence made me feel bound to this table, despite the fact I was free to move freely around the house.

“You kids having fun?”

The voice from behind had took us by surprise, but when I turned around to see Rouse I felt a rush of relief shower down on me. “If by fun you mean shoving your face with apple pie and enjoying awkward silences, then yes. LOADS of fun.” I smiled, and I could feel Lydia and Kirk’s eyes on me from behind, but I paid no attention and kept my eyes on the grinning man at the dirty old sink.

“Why don’t you fallow me Jen? I wunna show ya something.” I watched him toss a paper towel into the trash and subconsciously started getting up. “Sure.”

I don’t know what possed me to keep it, but I had found myself again twiddling with my broken plastic fork as I fallowed Rouse up the wooden maple and beige carpeted stairway. The expensive and well taste of objects in their house always seemed to continually surprise me. Matter of fact, now more than ever, I was noticing how clean, well kept, and spacious the Kempley’s house was, it left me considering that by the look of the pay roll, this job wasn’t going to be all bad, though I still had little to be sure of in my situation.

We walked up another small set of stairs at the end of a hallways, a set of stairs that lead to a small bonus room. Rouse took out a key chain from his left pocket and started to thumb through all of them, once he found the right once, and opened the dark wooden door before us. From the way he pushed it, it seemed fairly heavy…for a door.

He held the door opening giving me a moment to take in the sight set before me. It looked like a giant office, but with ‘study room’ type furniture. Piles of papers stacked on the beautiful wooden desks, shelves, filling cabinets, thick but soft and comfortable carpet, billiard type fans, a green leather couch, a simple yet classy fireplace, even a cluttered pool table in the middle of the room. Last there was a large window that spread across where the back wall should have been, giving you an amazing view of the Orchard and woods that fallowed it, leaving the room with an ‘open’ feel to it, yet still very cozy. Wow.

“I hadn’t even noticed there was a window up here before.” I remarked, mostly to myself.

“Well, that’s because there isn’t one.”
Rouse looked at me and nodded forward; I looked back in confusion, and then began to walk cautiously across the room, trying to avoid stepping on papers and inanimate objects. As I got closer, observing the landscape before me, Mr. Kempley started his little informative speech.

“This room is pretty much a work space for sorting through censuses from way back in the early1700’s until the mid 1900’s. Everyone who works at the Orchard is assigned one, no if’s, an’s, or buts about it.”
“It’s a painting” I said almost monotone, memorized by it.
“Yes that’s right. Good job! Now you will start off with a simple job. I will give you a list of names, and you are to compare it with the census list you are assigned to. If any two last names are alike, you’re to write them down, making a new list. You are also to write down all details that fallow the name. It’s just like receiving a history study guide in Social Studies class and going through your text book. The only exceptions are you get paid, you don’t get graded, and it will all be in alphabetical order.”

“I understand, but don’t we have computer programs for things like these now days?” I continued to study the painting, running my figures along the bumps, still memorized by its level of realization.
“For the most part yes, however these particular censuses, no, they where never uploaded to any computer.”
I turned around to him and gave out a little laugh, “Well it sure would be easier.”

“That’s exactly what I said.”

We both turned to see Evelyn gracefully walking up the stairs, of course to be fallowed by the less graceful Clara.

Rachel Wann’s
“The Romantic Comedy Casefiles”
That day WILL come you know.
And on that day, I’ll be there. Laughing.
At you.
No one will see me.
No one shall hear my remarks and boast.
However, you will be aware and attentive to my every crooked smile, my every thought.
And there will be nothing you could possibly do to make me stop.
You’ll just have to grin and bear the critique and hope that no one notices your distress.

“Not even a background story and the craps hitting the fan”
It all happened so fast. I was walking around the school hallway bragging to my friends about going back and visiting some old friends in another state, and on a complete energetic high. However, just like clock work, I turned around walking backwards to face my friends and stated “I’m so happy ABSOLUTLY NOTHING could ruin my mood! Not even you crappy sarcastic remarks!” and as soon as I about-faced, I ran into him.
There was a split second pause that seemed to last for 30 thumbing seconds as I gathered my thoughts. My mind raced as a diversion plan formed in my head and everyone stared blankly. To everyone’s surprise, except mine, the words “OH s**t!” escaped my mouth and I bolted. I ran through the baffled high schoolers loitering about the hallways, heading for either A: my home room; or B: A girls restroom.
Behind me my friends, still baffled, a couple laughing, confused on what was going on, asked the stranger just who the heck he was; but I could tell you who he was, he was the long lost secret drug used for a pick-me up in life, and I was the unsuspecting user. Only the critizing voice knew before, now everyone will know and be critizing.
Chapter 1
“What you didn’t know about Kate Ackerman”


I couldn’t help but to laugh a little, leaning forward at the computer, reading the message that was posted right below a photo ID from early 9th grade, over and over again. I could hardly focus on reading it all the way through I was so shocked by its contents.

“hello Misaokat I would like to inform you that I do believe I am deeply in love with you if you would like to figure out more try and find me, if you do not desire to know my true identity then this is the end... or is it. I am hoping by this time I have struck your attention but just in case I have not let me just say that you have seen me before.


Wooow. Of course I quickly clicked on Reosa’s screen name after I had made sure I read the post perfectly. His…[assuming it’s a he] deviant art page was completely blank with 4 page views. He had been offline for 10 hours and 21 minutes, and Reosa’s account had been created yesterday, and it said “he” was a “he” indeed. [Thank you God!]

I went back to replay on his original comment; “.....let's take a guess here.............Kaleb?

If not, "Rosea" has no meaning on dictionary.com, and you don't have any contact or important info on your DA page, so leads to figuring out who you are (which I will admit, sounds like fun <D) are scarce .______.

And yeah, you were able to catch my attention X3”

This was me being nice. And honestly sounding a bit stupid. After all I had spelt the dude’s screen name wrong.

It was then I noticed I had an IM.

[10:53] Mattfish19: hello
[10:53] misaokat93: hi yas
[10:53] Mattfish19: so whats up
[10:53] misaokat93: nuthan much, got a really weird comment on DA, but nothing else
[10:53] misaokat93: and you?
[10:54] Mattfish19: nothin btw what is DA
[10:54] misaokat93: Deviant art
[10:54] misaokat93: it's a artist website
[10:54] Mattfish19: cool ill have to check it out
[10:55] Mattfish19: so what was the comment
[10:55] misaokat93: by a person that calls them self "Reosa"
[10:56] misaokat93: I looked up the name on dictionary.com couldn't find a meaning :/
[10:56] misaokat93: and the person created their acount last night
[10:56] misaokat93: "hello misaokat i would like to inform you that i do believe i am deeply in love with you if you would like to figure out more try and find me, if you do not desire to know my true identity then this is the end... or is it. i am hoping by this time i have struck your attention but just in case i have not let me just say that you have seen me before.

[10:56] misaokat93: it took me by suprise the morning xD
[10:57] misaokat93: *has already made a list of suspects*
[10:57] Mattfish19: woot suspects
[10:57] misaokat93: xD
[10:57] Mattfish19: so who is your first suspect
[10:58] misaokat93: These to guys on myspace that found me through youtube videos, and my friend kaleb x____x

This was a lie. I was suspecting Matt as well, he was also talking to me late last night, and even showed me this love song he had been working on.
And At this point, I was convinced that whoever sent me this strange love message was a big softy. Which was disappointing.

[10:59] Mattfish19: well have you seen the guys on myspace
[10:59] misaokat93: last time I talked to them was last night around the time someone posted this (though I wasn't on DA) but no, not irl
[11:00] Mattfish19: well the comment says you have seen them before witch im interperating as irl
[11:01] misaokat93: That's what I thought at first too
[11:01] misaokat93: but it could be just around the web
[11:01] Mattfish19: idk did you try asking who he was
[11:02] misaokat93: I left a comment, but theu're yet to comment back (I've only been on for a little of an hour)
[11:03] Mattfish19: well are you logged in to DA
[11:03] misaokat93: ja
[11:03] Mattfish19: well then they probubly know your on
[11:04] Mattfish19: and they are probubly avoiding you
[11:05] Mattfish19: i know i wouldnt confront you if you where on
[11:05] Mattfish19: you still there
[11:06] misaokat93: ja- but my DA is on invisible
[11:06] Mattfish19: then idk
[11:07] Mattfish19: shows you how much i knows
[11:07] misaokat93: lol~nu, tis fine
[11:07] misaokat93: I'm the one trying to make a big deal about it
[11:07] misaokat93: in a way~ It's kinda of cool (though that probably sounds weird)
[11:08] Mattfish19: actually it kinda sounds romantic
[11:08] Mattfish19: its kind of like a personal scavanger hunt
[11:09] Mattfish19: woot
[11:09] misaokat93: lawlz
[11:10] Mattfish19: translate peas
[11:12] Mattfish19: hello
[11:12] Mattfish19: whered ya go
[11:12] Mattfish19: POOF she gone
[11:14] misaokat93:
[11:14] misaokat93: sawwy, had to take care of somthing
[11:15] Mattfish19: k
[11:15] Mattfish19: take care of what
[11:16] misaokat93: just something around the house

This was ANOTHER lie. I was starting a story about the love note. I had been wanting to write something recently anyway, and this was an interesting situation I could take and play with.

[11:16] Mattfish19: woot house work
[11:16] misaokat93: hahaha (sarcastic) yyyaaayyyy!
[11:17] Mattfish19: woot
[11:17] misaokat93: well, i have a story idea xDDDD
[11:17] Mattfish19: about
[11:18] misaokat93: the weird letter, dispit if it's real or not, or who sent it, I can still build off it for a story lol :3
[11:18] Mattfish19: woot inspiration
[11:19] Mattfish19: whats the dudes name again
[11:19] misaokat93: well his screen name was "Reosa"
[11:20] Mattfish19: are you gunna use that or change it
[11:20] misaokat93: use it
[11:22] Mattfish19: cool
[11:22] Mattfish19: it dose sound pretty cool hugh
[11:22] misaokat93: ok, there's a place in canada i think called reosa, and I found someone on friendster that goes by "angeldust reosa:
[11:23] Mattfish19: well i checked out the profile and its definantly a dude
[11:24] Mattfish19: well thats what the profile says

It was here I got interested that Matt went and check out this guy’s Deviant art profile. I myself then took a visit there, and found he had logged on around 11 this morning. Did Matt actually send the note? Was he Reosa?...If he was this all was even more disappointing. Cute of Matt, however not the thing that grabs my attention.

[11:24] misaokat93: yea
[11:25] Mattfish19: i found a Danny reosa
[11:25] misaokat93: same
[11:25] Mattfish19: dead end though
[11:26] Mattfish19: same on facebook
[11:27] Mattfish19: lol there is a reosakenobi
[11:27] Mattfish19: lol
[11:27] Mattfish19: hes got a star wars blog
[11:27] misaokat93: i kow
[11:27] Mattfish19: its a chick
[11:28] misaokat93: ja >>
[11:28] Mattfish19: and its kinda gross dont read it

I had already read it. It wasn’t that gross. Matt’s just a softy.

[11:29] Mattfish19: well they picked a good name because you wont be able to find s**t
[11:30] Mattfish19: especially with 2380 hits
[11:30] misaokat93: lol- in a way, that's awesome. I wonder if they already knew that before they made the name.

This statement was TRUE. If Reosa had picked this name with that fact in mind, then their was a chance I could actually fall for this guy. I think the most interesting Result on Google was the one with “Danny Reosa - Fort Hamilton High School - Brooklyn, New York”
[11:31] Mattfish19: probubly not

Way to burst my bubble Matt.
[11:31] Mattfish19: angeldust reosa is a girl
[11:31] Mattfish19: btw
[11:31] misaokat93: I know
[11:31] Mattfish19: k
[11:34] Mattfish19: and there is no translation
[11:35] Mattfish19: hay i got an possible translation
[11:36] Mattfish19: hello
[11:36] Mattfish19: ill wait for you to get back then
[11:36] misaokat93: sorry, was working on something agian xD
[11:36] misaokat93: I gotta start writing brb
[11:37] Mattfish19: k
[11:40] Mattfish19: ok i know your writing but i believe he ment reosa to mean figure
[11:41] misaokat93: hm?
I didn’t understand Matt’s last comment at all when I first read it, was “figure” an actual meaning or something?
I took the next few minutes going to Matt’s myspace page trying to find any clues to him being Reosa, then I got side tracked and went to my friend Brandon’s page, I had added him as a friend yesterday and was yet to see it. For such a fun guy to be around in art class, his myspace page was rather depressing, learning more about him and all. I felt sorry for the guy, it seemed he had just as many moves as I did, but his parents we’re divorced making it tougher on him. And he had closer friends then I.
Here’s a quick catch up for you. I’m at my 5 school in 4 years, my 3rd high school. It’s October 14th, so we’ve only been in school about 2 months. I usally I make a lot of good friends, but don’t make any close friends, I’m a very creative and unique person so this makes sense. However the people at this school have gotten closer to me then any other people at the other schools, in the shortest amount of time. Which is awesome. Because I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by good friends that know you very well.
It was here I noticed Reosa was online. However it didn’t mean much because his status changed to idle almost as soon as I had noticed his was on.
And just I had typed the last two sentences above, I refreshed and noticed I had a message.
“Jesus of Suburbia” came on as I read the new comment. “No I am not this Kaleb character but you are getting closer. the one thing I’ve learned throughout my life is if you wanna know something start asking questions :b”
“Matt?” I asked back.
As I waited for the replay back, I left to work on the story. As I thought about the words “throughout my life” and the photo he left the comment on, I kind’ a wanted it to be my friend Stephan. I’d been thinking about him lately thanks to the book “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer. Such a good book. Though Stephan would be turning 21 this December. And I would be turning 16 this January. So that was out of the question .
Finally, I got a replay! “i do not know a matt either. stop guessing because you will never guess but instead start asking questions.”
I just hope this guy wasn’t lying. He sounded a bit firm here, which made me happy. I wanted this guy to take this seriously!
I decided to fallow his directions with out questioning or making a statement,
“What grade was I in when I first met you?”
This would actually narrow it down quite a bit.
I waited, worked on updating my story, which was quite difficult. “Miss Murderer” by AFI came on. I hadn’t heard that song in a while, so it was quite enjoyable. The refresed the page.
“thats a good question. one that dose not need answerd at the moment”
At that moment “To the End” by My Chemical Romance came on, which only helped my current emotion and out look on the statement.

Seriously! I thought he would have actually answered the question.
He’s reply took me by surprise. I don’t know if I like this guy…I mean, either he’s having fun with this. Or he actually knows how I work….or this really is some sick practical joke.
I was debating on what to say back. I could ask him why he didn’t answer my last question, but I decided not to. That would get us running in circles. So-I tried to n** this in the butt.
Ouch lol.

Good answer btw.

IS this some sort of practical joker, prank, ect?

And don't dodge it by using a play on words.”
I wanted to say “Sick practical joke” but I thought it would be to tempting for this guy to say “no” because it was just a “practical joke” Which is why I changed it and added the “Don’t dodge it by using a play on words.” At the end.
I probably should have asked if it was just a game to him.
I submitted the question, updated the story, and a surprising song came on. “In to deep” by SR-71. I had never heard this song. However the lyrics we’re quite interesting to me at the moment…lol.
“no my feelings for you are as true as the sky is blue”
Sorry, but those we’re my true first thoughts on the matter. *shrug*
Doing a cheesy thing like Rhyme in a message? This guy is just way to soft for me. How much of a douche is this love struck puppy??
I deiced to keep talking to matt. To try and confuse him a bit, if he was this Reosa guy.
He had already been chatting with me a bit, but I was to caught up in my own stuff to give him real replies.
[12:12] Mattfish19: so...
[12:18] Mattfish19: whats up
[12:20] misaokat93: nothian much
[12:20] Mattfish19: same here jus workin on my lyrics
[12:24] misaokat93: rawr~ I'm eating cheetos

Back to lying. I have nothing too eat. I haven’t once left the giant black computer chair in the last hour and a half.
[12:24] Mattfish19: woot chetos
[12:25] Mattfish19: oops spelled it wrong
[12:25] misaokat93: lol
[12:25] Mattfish19: idc i spell everything wrong
[12:26] misaokat93: saammmmeeee~ which is the biggest downfall to all my stories lol
True fact.

[12:26] misaokat93: I wish this guy would replay so I had more ideas for my story >[

[12:26] Mattfish19: thank god for spell check
[12:26] misaokat93: xD yea
[12:26] misaokat93: this reosaro prolly won't get on till tonight and comment
[12:27] misaokat93: I mean, it said he got on around 11
[12:27] misaokat93: but nothing...
[12:27] misaokat93: .___.
[12:27] Mattfish19: soo have you eliminated anyone yet
[12:27] misaokat93: yeah, kaleb, he's in school xD
[12:28] Mattfish19: lol maybe hes on at school
[12:29] misaokat93: He's home schooled, his mom woul kill him lol xD93: yeah, kaleb, he's in school xD
[12:30] Mattfish19: lol never mind
Hahaha, BANG!
I figured I’d left Reosa’s latest comment hanging long enough;

You just rhymed.”
A statement. Not a question. Sometimes stating the facts will help you to solve a case faster then asking petty questions.
From this point on I just let the music play, not really paying attention. Rather annoyed with the fact I had been recording it in my story in the first place. If someone were to read this, they would probably not even care about the music anyway.
[12:31] Mattfish19: my mom would probubly kill me too
[12:33] Mattfish19: woot death
[12:33] Mattfish19: never mind no woot
[12:33] Mattfish19: woot bad
[12:34] misaokat93: lol
As cruel as this may sound, I could care less Matt. Matt was my friends, but I had to some how burn it In his mind that I was nothing more.
I streatched my arms in legs in the large black leather computer chair, reminded that I needed to use the restroom. I looked arounf the messy compter desk, which was a wodden table covered in papers, wires, a printer, my computer tablet, and some mall address stick on thingys. My camera, ipod, and cell phone laid next to me, along with a memory card and a roll of doggy bags.
I decided to check my instant message and Reosa conversations before I left.
[12:37] Mattfish19: got a good story going yet
[12:37] misaokat93: yup
[12:38] Mattfish19: cool i wanna sees it
Craptastic. He wanted to read THIS. Everything I’ve been writing. Saying about Reosa and him. Maybe I could say yes for now, and never show it to him? He’d probably forget anyway.
I went ahead and checked Reosa’s conversation on Deviant art.
“yes, i understand that my last statement had a sertan rhythem to it.”
Pretty sure it’s Matt. “lol.

How many people do you think I've told about you so far today?”
Now I would go use the restroom!
[leaves computer]
I sat back down to the computer with my toasted cheese and orange soda to enjoy “The Black Parade” by My chemical Romance, and read my new im’s from Matt.
[12:38] Mattfish19: cool i wanna sees it
[12:47] Mattfish19: hello yous still there
[12:48] Mattfish19: guess not
[12:49] Mattfish19: ill wait fo you to comes back then
[12:51] misaokat93: I gots a sand which
[12:53] Mattfish19: woot
[12:53] Mattfish19: turkey
[12:53] Mattfish19: ?
[12:54] misaokat93: toasted cheese
I went to update the story on my trip away from the computer, but as intureppted by Matt’s ims, and a replay from Reosa.

[12:54] Mattfish19: that boring
[12:55] Mattfish19: i hate cheese sandwitches
[12:56] misaokat93: well XP
“that is a very interesting question to ask but as a hypothosys i would have to guess between 5 and 12”
“Correct answer is 3.

Now answer me these,

What do you think is my take on this whole situation?


What song do you thinking I'm listening to write now?
[hints: It's one of my favorites. Insipring. By a group that first got it's start by touring with christian hard core groups because no one else would accept there music. But now are loves by millions of people .parade.]”
The three people were Matt, Alex, and Joe. Joe and Alex thought it was some twisted joke by a creep….
I decided to imply more on Matt.
[12:59] misaokat93: hmmmmmmmmmm
[13:00] Mattfish19: hmmm what
[13:00] misaokat93: wut r u up to now?
[13:00] Mattfish19: just takin quizzes on myspace
[13:00] misaokat93: ah~
The next few minutes went slow, I looked at pictures on DA, made small talk with Matt, and became uninspired to work on this story. It’s like it’s all just a fun game for me. The song “Breath” by breaking Benjamin came on. Such a powerful song, I haven’t heard it in forever.
Then I looked at my instant messenger, thought about logging off. And then it clicked! I was invisible on Deviant art now, and so I could easily log off instant message and start to manipulate so I could get to the bottom of this.
And so I did.

I told matt I had to go and was logged off before he even began to reply.

“i did not know this was a game of rhymes but i have game. i think you are intrigued that i am persueing you and you like that you have a secret admirer. you also have probubly search engend me on several occasions and have discovered it will be improbuble to locate more information on me than you ask. unfortunantly i do not know the group you are currently listening to.

Now riddle me this,
why would you be waisting time asking questions that will definantly not lead to my identity.”
So he says.
“Because I've been able to conclude more about you then you think.

However before you can go on after me you must know me a bit more. I dare say I am one of the most complex yet simple 15 year old out there, and as I may come across as on thing, my true thoughts on it could be completely controversial. And no one yet knows the capability of my acting skills, you someone trying to pull something on me when I know (or even some what know) is in deep trouble xDDD

You are either Matt. Or "Bloosasuke" or "Gaberial" or meybeh "Mr. Super-fantastico" lol.

Pretty sure you're Matt because you're both online the same time. Like to use big words. some what poetic. And as I've learned from last night, Matt writes lyrics. And!~ neither of you capitalize you "i"

Also, I've only made friends with a select group at my newest school, and if you would'a told me what grade, you would have given it away.


So I state.
7 minutes and 16 seconds later I still had no reply.

Over 2 hours later no reply.

Time to work on a different story.


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