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My thoughts,my beliefs, my stories...
It's mainly going to be a bunch a short stories I made up recently.
Serenity, silence emanating from every corner, every crevice of the room, fear of death and pain sliding under the door like a poisonous miasma, solidifying in peoples’ hearts. The footsteps of doctors walking down the hall toward your room, those footsteps were those of the black angels, whose masks never seemed to slide away from their face, their intentions masked behind pretty words of innocence, all laced up with a silk bow. The door outside the prison should have read, ‘Welcome to hell kiddies~!’ instead of the bleak yet innocent sign of the asylum’s name. Well, name or not this place was hell. To him, to everyone who resided in its inclosing walls. And no one could ever change that, no one could ever save them.

The silence was soon cut off by the sound of rustling, of slow breathing, small noises, all originating from the figure who now rested, asleep in a deathly quiet room. His golden hair a mess about his pale, girlish face, his soft face placid, much like a sleeping child. In essence that was what he truly was. The boy was only seventeen years old, but looked no older than fourteen if that. But inside he was a troubled mess, nothing more than chaos strewn about in every space of his dark mind.

If this hospital wasn’t a façade than he most certainly was. Everything about him, his outward appearance, his hyper attitude, his usual cheerfulness all gave evidence to his childishness. But then the true intentions behind the actions were much worse and were basically just to get what he wanted in the end. He didn’t do anything that wouldn’t provide him with profit in it.

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