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My thoughts,my beliefs, my stories...
It's mainly going to be a bunch a short stories I made up recently.
Aidan could understand Kaname’s point of view on the matter. It wasn’t only that, but several other reasons. Finally putting an end to his kisses, Aidan comfortably rested his chin on Kaname’s shoulder and momentarily closed his eyes while Kaname spoke. It was a relief that he had managed to make Kaname feel better. A relief that he had managed to put a smile back on Kaname’s face. Once again, Kaname repeated the words ‘I love you’. His mother would always repeat those same words to him so it was only natural for Aidan to take those words in without turning red in the face. His eyes grew wide with startlement the moment he felt Kaname place a small kiss on his healing wrist. Aidan’s eyes grew soft upon Kaname’s motions. He had forgave Kaname long ago.

The rooster opened his mouth to reply but fell silent when Jordan made his presence known. His eyes drifted over to Jordan in a silent greeting. That horse always seemed to appear out of nowhere but perhaps it was because he was too absorbed in consoling Kaname that he hadn’t noticed Jordan until now. If anyone had stepped in on Kaname and Aidan while they were in this position, they would have definitely gotten the wrong idea. While Kaname and Jordan conversed, Aidan idly wondered just how long the horse had been standing there before he decided to speak up. Ramen did sound good, especially when he hadn’t had breakfast yet. Too embedded in his own thoughts, Aidan failed to notice Kaname’s blush.

Growing up within the estates, Aidan was oblivious towards the fact that people didn’t kiss other people’s hurt like his mother’s actions always made him believe. He considered this fairly normal. He considered tending to Kaname’s every needs normal too. His way of living was far different from that of an outsider. His thoughts continued to wander further and further in thought while he allowed Jordan and Kaname to converse, only to return back to reality when Kaname faced him.

“I-I really didn’t give him a chance to answer but knowing Ryo, he’ll come.” Aidan truthfully answered as he slowly brought himself to his feet and held out a hand for Kaname to take. “Shall we go eat breakfast now?”
Though his expression remained soft and contented a small tint of fear and slight desperation clouded his eyes. Where had all of the others gone? Why was there only god left with only two small and submissive zodiac? Where were his dragon and rat? Where was Shin?! He promised, he had promised not to leave god. But then he realized that silly falsehood of happiness and love really was nothing more than trash. He was stupid. Stupid for believing the stupid ox. Kaname could not help but be giddy when Aidan promised to stay with him for as long as he was needed, as long as his life span was, and yet he was still crushed. It felt almost like he was suffocating, becoming light headed and delirious. What he wanted to ask, more than anything else in the world, was- can you prove it? Can you prove to me that you will stay? I have heard those words so many times, and I have heard the opposite. And as of late, only the latter has been proven, only leaving him had been a constant.

“Kami-chan will forever be happy to be loved~ To have someone so perfect to stay with me till I die~” There was something to be said for someone who could speak of their death so happily. Perhaps he really was insane and had lost the last sane fiber in his body. Or perhaps there was something more to it. He sure didn’t know nor did he wish to explore this possibility, after all, when have you ever heard of god dying? Eternity specifically states that death is nonexistent, but the same could also be said for life. No beginning, no end, the essence of perfection.

Kaname just giggled, nodding his head in response. “Good~ I’m glad that your well liked friend will be joining us~ I am very excited to meet such a person to capture your attention and happiness in such a way.” He said in a chipper tone, silently jealous of the other boy, this Ryo person. He wanted to know this person, want to know how he did it, how he made Aiden so happy. Maybe if he knew and could mimic it Aiden might like him too, besides the eternal bond of zodiacs and god. He wanted something more… tangible, something you couldn’t just know, something that had true meaning in every world, in their world and the outsiders’ world. Perhaps have those bonds that everyone always talks about. The one that makes that pendent of his glow and the other transform. He wanted that, and very much so. Though, for now he would settle with him not hating him. Yes, he could settle with that and be happy.

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