Story Book #1

Under Pandora's Star-Chapter-1

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was born under a cursed star. While giving birth her mother died, and so the people declared, this girl is cursed and will lead us to our deaths. The little girl’s father refused to believe the people and held her close against his chest declaring that he would always love something so precious. And so the villagers threw them out of the town, for they knew that no child born under the same star under which Pandora’s Box was opened would be able to bring happiness to anyone. She would forever be plagued by everything which existed within that tiny box.

The villagers weren’t wrong. Her father suffered for six years and then died declaring, “You are cursed, and so you will bring those around you nothing but suffering.” But the little girl had hope, and so she continued to believe that she could find happiness.

She was sent to live with distant relatives who did not know of the curse. The couple had a daughter, who was a ripe and shining maiden of great beauty. The aunt and uncle were kind to the girl, but the daughter feared the girl and avoided her because of her strangeness. The little girl tried her hardest to please her aunt and uncle but could not in the end escape the effects of the curse. She watched as the home they lived in caught fire and burned all she had come to know, leaving her alone with only her older cousin.