Story Book #3

U99-Chapter-1/ [no idea]

Officer Capreno (Cap for short) ran down the hall as liters of seawater brushed his face, "Fire tube three." he yelled. Moments after, there was he ever so familiar sound of torpedos shooting out the ship. It was the worst night for the german U-boat since they were rammed by a British Destroyer.

Cap looked up. From the view from the glass dome on the top of the U-Boat, he saw an airplane dropping two depth charges. "Dive, Dive!" he yelled to the control room. "Yes sir." Cap heard in reply, not able to see the one he was talking to.

At once, the U99 departed to the depths. "10 meters, 15, 20, 30." Cap replied "Go to-

THWMMMP. As the depth charges exploded, Cap heard the sound of many petty officers as they were stumbling from the shockwave of about 2 depth charges. Cap bumped into a wall, knocking his Officer's hat of his head. That didn't matter to Cap at the time.

The crew of U99 was sent on a mission to destroy supply ships coming from london to the front lines, they were doing good, real good. They had sunk about four fully supplied ships and one troop ship. They were doing so good, until they were spotted somehow.

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