Story Book
Under Pandora's Star-Chapter-3

And so Kin awoke from his slumber screaming and wrapped his hands around the little girl’s neck. “Why? Why did you burn off my wings and curse me forever to hell? I will bring you there with me to suffer for eternity.”

The little girl did not struggle against his claws. “Yes,” she cried. “Bring me with you to hell, but please- please- I don’t want to be alone again.”

The corpse that was Kin felt his anger drain away looking at her face; she was, after all, a most beloved child. “You’re a fool,” he moaned while loosening his hands, “I will not keep you company- but I will see you again while you burn in hell.”

The cousin and Kin’s brother found out what the little girl had done and were outraged. They banished her from town and claimed they would kill her if she ever returned. And so the little girl disappeared, ghosting Kin’s corpse along with her.

After some time the young couple composed of Kin’s older brother and the little girl’s cousin married and gave birth to a healthy male child. The little girl, who was now a young woman, wanted more than anything to see the child. She donned a cloak and went to the child’s christening ceremony along with the other guests to give him her blessing.

Luck was not with her, and she was discovered near the child’s cradle. Her cousin started screaming fearing her child’s death. The young woman was filled with both anguish and anger, a fierce desire to share her suffering with her cousin. It was only for a moment that she yielded to her cousin’s expectations and believed herself an evil thing, but she cried out in her abject misery, “I curse you! I curse you to suffer like I have suffered and die.”

She did not mean what she said, but that hardly mattered to the curse whose only wish was to harm. And christening days are particularly powerful days when deciding a child’s future, since it is the day a child receives its name. The curse settled itself over the infant in her arms, bleaching his warm hair white and his eyes yellow like a great wolfs.