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Prologue of "The Owl".
00. The Life and Times...

A smile painted on her features shone bright as she joyously skipped through the grass field, her forearms being brushed by the tall green blades. The sun beamed its warm rays down on the earth and indigo birds flew in the vibrant blue sky.
'This place is simply amazing,' she thought with a sigh as she viewed a willow tree in the distance and made her way towards it. It towered high above the landscape and was paired with a babbling brook that flowed a few feet away from it.
An other sigh escaped from her mouth as she fell back into the grass beneath the tree, it's shade embracing her being. Her auburn hair fanned out around her and her tanned and smooth skin glowed in happiness.
A soft hum flowed past her lips and soon, the indigo birds began to chirp along with her; truly a children's musical movie in the making.
She groaned as her eyes opened slowly, realizing that she wasn't in her paradise, but instead, seated in her freezing AP English class. The teacher clearing her throat next to her desk brought Ashlyn's attention to her, and when noticing the teacher's obvious annoyance, she yawned and leaned her cheek in her hand, staring up at her with tired eyes.
The teacher scowled at her student's reaction and asked in a bitter tone, “Ashlyn, can you tell me what a symploce is?” She hoped that she would catch this mischievous being into not paying attention in her class and embarrassing her in front of the other students.
It took Ashlyn's brain a second to register that her teacher, Mrs. Barry, had just asked her a question, and when digging into the files deep inside her mind to remember what the question was, she yawned once again and sat up straight. “Honestly, couldn't you have asked me a more simpler question?” she sarcastically stated, smirking when she saw her teacher's skin flush with angry reds. “A symploce is a combination of an anaphora and an epistrophe.”
The teacher narrowed her eyes in fury and defeat and after glaring at her student for a while longer, she spun around quickly and walked back to the front of the class, trying to cool herself down.
Ashlyn only rolled her eyes in annoyance towards her evil teacher and went to lie her cheek back down on the cool desktop, but before her warm skin could touch the plastic wood, the bell gave out a shrill ring, signaling the end of the period and the end of school. She waited for her peers to file out of the classroom before her, and when the last tired student walked past the door, she slung her bag over her shoulder and plugged her headphones into her ears, raising the volume to the max and letting the loud screams of a local band wrap around her.
'Just one more day,' she thought as she quietly walked away from the busy school and crossed the street into the nearby residential area. The houses that she walked past were well maintained and all looked the same; if they weren't they would receive a notice from city hall that told them that they need to fix it in a week. It was a wonder how the home owners were able to find the way to their abodes with the only personal touch being their names on their mailboxes.
Ashlyn tried to ignore the unoriginal appearance of her neighborhood, an annoying occurrence that nagged at her every being, and walked slowly to her front porch, relishing in the shade that the overhanging produced when she reached it.
“I'm home!” she sang sarcastically, knowing that no one would reply or that anyone was in the house in the first place. Her parents would be at work until late that night, and by the time they returned to eat and sleep, she would be at her part time job, decorating cakes and selling dainty and appealing pastries.
She stomped upstairs in her moccasins and threw her bag on her silk covered bed when she entered her crimson painted room, smiling at the familiar stuffy and warm environment. Unlike others who would open a window or turn on the fan to rid of the humid air, she sucked up every bit of it, enjoying the comforting feeling that it gave her.
Her computer, sitting lonely and powerless on her cluttered black desk, called out to her and drew her in for her to press the power button. It beeped in celebration and the screen lit up, the computer automatically signing in for her and pulling up the web browser. She typed in 'maxvideo' in the search bar and clicked on the link that led her to the website. Recommended videos lied out before her eyes, and the most modern and better colored one hooked and reeled her in, causing the cursor to hover over the link and select that specified video.
She smiled at the catchy music and watched in interest when the character's problems and plots were introduced in the first episode of the show. It caused her to think about her life in a way, as these shows normally did.
'If only my life had this kind of adventure and good-looking people in it,' she thought as she blinked lazily and paused the show to run downstairs for a cup of tea. 'Fat chance that will ever happen.'

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