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Mr. Gurney
Mr. Gurney

What did I do to deserve this? I thought to myself as I struggled to breath against the strong metal bonds that were clasped around my chest. I could feel my head begin to feel light, and soon, my vision was clouded with shadows.
“Have you finally come up with a decision Mr. Gurney?” spoke the man who had put me through this whole ordeal. His face was wrangled in a wicked smile and his followers held the same look, but with scares distorting their features. In his hand, he carried a simple metal rod that glowed a bright red towards the end where it was flattened out in a circular shape.
I spat at his feet to show that I still carried no interest in joining his group of demons. “Why would I ever want to work for the scum of the Earth?” I retorted in a husky voice while giving him a look that could kill.
His devilish smile turned into a frown while he opened his mouth to say, “As you wish Mr. Gurney.” He held up the metal rod and moved it closer to my bare arm, not pressing it down yet that so I could feel the heat before the pain. My eyelids shut and my back arched as I let out a scream of pain when he pressed down the burning metal rod onto my skin. I could feel the skin beneath it melting and the hairs that grew on it burning while moisture formed at the corners of my eyes.
“Have you changed you mind yet Mr. Gurney?” the man questioned with a sick smirk as he pressed the rod down harder into my already melted skin.
I held back a louder scream of hurt and managed to let out a pained and quiet, “Never.”
His eyebrows furrowed in anger and he snapped his fingers. Soon, his other comrades brought out rods similar to the one he was holding. “If that's the case,” he started as he nodded his head to the others. They chuckled deviously and pressed down the other rods onto the other bare parts of my skin.
A loud scream of pain erupted from my throat as I felt my skin disappear in the heat. I knew that once the rods were taken off, my skin would go along with them and I would be left in a mutated and damaged heap, never to live again from the blood loss.
“Are you ready to give in Mr. Gurney?” the man asked, his patience growing thin.

I managed to wretch my damp eyes open for the last time and stated with a strong voice, “Go burn in hell.”
Those were the last words I spoke.
The shadows had taken over, and I was lost in a sea of black for all eternity...

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