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shh... this is for your eyes only
enjoy!! Life is a little twisted
Growing Up
Hey Everyone!!

Sorry guys I haven't been posting much lately. It's the school holidays and I've been pretty busy and to add to that, nothing special has happened much. Well, not until now anyway.

Unfortunately, like they say, all good things must come to an end. So it saddens me to say that unfortunately, Ms. Vanity has returned from Europe and nobody is excited to see her at all. *sigh* And I actually tried being nice to her and asked her how she was, but she was way too caught up about herself and all her adventures, she didn't even care to ask how we were doing back here. Some friend huh? She spends 2 months in Europe and promises to keep in contact, but in those two months I only ever got 1 email from here. PATHETIC!! No wonder nobody likes her. But then I guess I'm being a hypocrite. It's not like I've been the greatest friend to her.

Anywho, getting off the subject of Vain little Ms. Vanity, I have just discovered that I am finally getting to the stage where my parents are getting really REALLY annoying. Yeah! It took 15 years for me to get to this stage. Talk about late bloomer. So what brought this up? Well, let's just say whatever my parents say is good, that's what I have to do. Whatever my parents want me to wear, I have to wear. *growls* It's so ANNOYING!!

See, today I went shopping and my lovely cousin brought me a short cardigan and a super awesome dress (thanks cuz heart ). So I was really happy about it. Then we went to this super rich place called Myer and mum was shopping for boots. I'm not exactly a girl who loves boots so I wasn't too keen. Then all of a sudden, my mum and dad make me buy a pair. That's not even the worst of it. The pair that mom and dad bought me was the exact same pair that mom, my auntie and cousin bought. So apparently, now we're matching. *huffs* I swear, it's so annoying how they take control and don't even consult me. That's not all either.

When I got home, I was wearing my new dress. You know, just trying it on, admiring it, seeing how it fits and mixing and matching it with all my other stuff. Then mom looks at me all funny as if the dress doesn't even suit me and she says that it's way too short. See, my mom thinks that a reasonable size for a dress is below the knee, so she thinks above the knee is too short. Then she pulls out the boots and starts admiring them, then you know what she says:
"These boots are going too look great. Aren't you glad you chose them?" That's the thing mom, I didn't choose them, you and dad did. Long and short of it: I don't get to choose what I wanna do or what I wanna wear, and if something doesn't fit in their criteria, then I am obviously a failure.

I think I might talk to Ms. USA about this. She always has these problems with her parents. The thing is I've tried talking to my parents about it and they think that I'm not ready to be independant yet. I spent ages trying to prove them wrong but nothing works. My parents just can't help taking control. *sighs* What am I to do? Please help me guys! Feel free to comment! biggrin

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