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My Name is:Xavier Black a.k.a Shadow
Obviously i am a: Male
I am 17(705)years old
I may look innocent, but i bite: A great swordsmen, I can control fire, psychic, and has palpable telepathic.
About me:Shadow was turned into a vampire when he was 10, him,his brother, and his sister were all changed by a stranger.His older brother tried to run from them to keep them safe but Shadow could not take care of his 8 year old little sister alone.Brandon(older brother) killed his parents from thirst.When he and his family ran from their house he figured out that animal blood could hold them out for a amount of time.When Shadow turned 16(human years)He left his family to figure out life.
I act : secretive, caring for others, smart, and blunt get over it
MY master: XXMad_Hatter13XX