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My journal has a head?
The 'Answer Honestly' Survey (062410)

1. Why are you best friends with your best friends?
Honestly, it's because they seem to understand me more than 'normal' people would and they seem to be okay with me ranting about my retarded problems. I'd also do the same for them. They never judge me to hurt me emotional, but to help me improve my own being (except someone, lol >_>" wink .

2. What bothers you the most about other people?
Sometimes you meet that kind of person, and you can already sense they're going to piss you off. You try so hard not upset that person, despite how upset they make you inside. Then when you finally snap, they become incredibly nice, gracious, and want to really be your friend. Oh gawd, I will never forget the day in choir practice - -"

3. Would you ever marry for money?
It all depends. If I can make a reasonable annual salary, and I could make it by myself, then probably no. But if I were a dying homeless person, who needed all the money she could get, then yes. Hn, I can now imagine mother saying, 'That's why you go to college!'

4. Do you prefer to text message or talk on the phone?
I have my reasons for both. Text messages, for the people I've befriended that aren't that close but I'm still okay with talking to-- plus you can use emotes and IM lingo. I like talking on the phone with people I'm extremely comfortable with because you can go on forever and you get to hear their voice. But-- the downside is that, they might make fun of you if just randomly blurt out, accidentally, lol

5. Do you believe that 30 really is the new 20?
Unless you look really young at 30, only then would this 'trend statement' would apply. Like if you have really oily skin, you benefit from it because you won't age as fast as people who may not have oily skin. But you're going to have ot deal with more frequent pimples if that's the case

6. If you had a crush on someone would you tell them?
Once I've thought it through multiple times, but by the time I've thought it through enough times-- I would have gotten over that person or once I've told them I'd rethink the situation and realize I didn't really mean it.

But you're pretty amazing, so I'll always mean it when I say 'I love you'

7. What is one of the toughest things you ever had to do?
Knowing that after our graduation, nothing will ever be exactly the same..

8. Name a challenge you are faced with on a regular basis?
Since it's summer, waking up every morning. Just being honest

9. Do you cry a lot?
Mother always thought me that life isn't about having the luxury of having countless emotions, but to stay composed. Never to crack easily under pressure and mantain authority, even in times of crisis.

10. Do you have a plan?
A plan for? As in retarded plans for everyday life, then absolutely. Ever since I knew there was a way to steal cookies from the kitchen when mother wasn't looking >;3 *cough*3 years old*cough*

11. Do you think its possible to only love one person for the rest of your life?
If the other person is able to love you for the rest of your life, then that just adds more reasons to love someone who is probably: amazing, kind, sweet, lovable, and just seems perfect in almost every way♥

Yes, I'm talking about you. No-- not you, YOU

12. Are you close with your family?
Well, I definitely don't see myself as a misunderstood teenager, so I don't think so

13. Name one thing that you are good at?
I think I'm good at being creative. Creating, thinking, experimenting-- stuff like that

14. Name one thing that you are bad at?
Self-motivation on the spot (aka Starting things once they're assigned)

15. Your thoughts on Karma?
I always believe we have subconscious thoughts on whether we've down good or bad, that sometimes we just involuntarily make ourselves have good or bad 'karma'. Also that if you never believe in 'karma', you'll just be living a regular life with it's up and down moments. I also think that 'karma' has always been a motivator for people to do good deeds, that it has helped majority of our society help promote being good and other relative things.

16. What does the 5th text message in your inbox say?
/with update later

17. What did you reply to it?
/with update later

18. What do you do for a living?
I'm actually just free-loading off my mom and dad until I move out, get my own apartment, and have a stable job P;

19. Do you honk your horn at old people when they are driving bad?
Lol, I know some people who would

20. Why do you do surveys?
I think I'll benefit in answering surveys because they'll help me think quicker and keep my writing skills sharp for when I start school again in September.
Plus I'm bored because you're not online a lot anymore..

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