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My journal has a head?
'Your Friends' Survey (062510)

Name five friends you have on this site.

1. Vincent (Bin-Vin)
2. Vanrey (Don Chuvabebot)
3. Ann (Ann-nnA-chan)
4. Chris (Legacy_Pacific)
5. Andrei (iLikeNewDirections)

How long have you known them and where did you meet?

1. Vincent: We've known each other a little over 4 years. We met when she came to our class around second quarter, myself and Alina vowed we would protect her from the evils of the other girls in our class. (It was 5th grade, things were still like that.) I befriended her and we've been close ever since. We even played Tamagotchi in Math class a few times P:

2. Vanrey: I've known him for almost 2 years. During the school year, we only greeted each other once in awhile through comments. But then we started talking regularly and got really close♥ Now we've made plans to meet up after college and have the time of our lives. To the ice-skating rink >: D

3. Ann: Aha, my fellow 4A-er. At the end of 4th, I may have upset her deeply by deleting her Pokemon game. Ever since that, we haven't spoken-- until 7th grade. I still believed she had a hatred (deep down) for me until this past 8th grade year. We've grown so close that we started saying the same think at the same time. Thanks for forgiving me, we're some pretty smooth criminals.

4. Chris: We knew of each other's existence since 5th grade. We only became actual friends in 7th grade. I'd rather not speak of that year, but yeah. I'm thankful you're still my friend even through the retarded and dramatic year known as 7th grade xD

5. Andrei: Hn, we became friends the same time around as I made friends with Chris. There's not a lot I can say because you sometimes cause me emotional pain, but it's okay (I guess). You've been a good friend besides those times, thanks ;B

First word/phrase that comes to mind when you think about them.

2. Vanrey "You're amazing"
3. Ann "WE bring sexy back♫"
4. Chirs "WHAT?!" in a deep and fast voice
5. Andrei "I like pie and cheese."

What nicknames do you have for them? What do they call you?

1. Vincent Vin, Binscent, Mom / Mishy, Squishy, Daughter, Sister
2. Vanrey Van, Chuva, Hun / Michy, Mich, Hun
3. Ann Nii-san, Nee-chan, / Mish
4. Chirs Topher, Chris, Chwissy / Mish, Mich
5. Andrei Tuna, Tewna, Drei / Mish, Mich

Is there anything you would like to say to them now?

1. Vincent Good luck with Tagalog lessons and don't forget our trip to Europe D;
2. Vanrey I miss you. A lot.
3. Ann Make friends in high school, deary. They'll come in handy ;3
4. Chirs I hope I find intellectual badasses in high school too, man.
5. Andrei You ain't got no PANCAKE MIX!!

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