Here are some things I MUST do this summer, when I dont have to go to school.
-Watch season 2 from Grey's Anatomy Fail
-Read atleast 3 books for my Dutch class It turned out to be only 1
-Read my piled up magazines. Cuz I haven't read some of last year x3 Fail
-Finish my Final Fantasy game on my Nintento Fail, I keep dying at one point, and it freaks me out!
-Get a tan Completed!! ;D
-Eat lots of ice cream, without getting fat Completed, I'm still not ugly fugly fat! ;D
-Work out, because I'll get fat... :3 Fail, but hey, I'm not fat anyway xD
-Find another dance club-thingy Fail
-Make lots of money from my job A bit... that's not working when you're going on a trip >.> But oh well, I'm gonna work a lot till the end of my vacation
-Relax Yoshu!
-Draw x3 I made... 0.5 drawing xD

I must do all of them, since I wanted to do some of them a long time ago, but I never had the time for them. And as you might have noticed, I like making lists :3

EDIT: I failed most of my must-do's... *sigh* Oh well, I got the rest of my life to spend on doing them, right?