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My life
Busy busy day
Ever tried playing zomg on a laptop? yeah, wrong question, most of you probably do that all the time. Well, I suck at it. I 'borowed' my moms laptop, so I could just sit downstairs for once, because I'm cool like that. Well, I totally failed at everything XD

So I had a busy day, I woke up at 8 (!!!!) (During my vacation!!!) Showered, and bought cornflakes, cuz I was puking yoghurt by then, since I eat yoghurt every morning. No normal breakfast will pass my throat. So I was like: hmm, I'm walking to the store at 9 am... just because I can.
Well, I waited, while eating 2 bowls of cornflakes with milk, for my friend to show up. (Melon!! Why weren't you on? "I'm always on around that time" gah! Okay, maybe I derserved it, but I said I was sorry D: ) so I waited, and waited. from 9.30 am till 1.30 pm
And then I visited my dad in the hospital, almost freaked out because I couldn't find his room. I did eventually, hooray for signs ;D
Well, I think my dad lost weight, in 2 days D: well, he can go home saturday, thank god (:
And then I bought new socks, since they all magically dissapeared from my drawer O.o and I bought dinner... my mom: you have to peel potatoes, or just buy them if you like that better. me: thanks mom, but I'll peel them, since that's way more fun to do.
So I bought potatoes xD

Now there's only one thing left to do: clean my desk... I think a bomb exploded on my desk, I'm scared ):

Okay so, I did so much today. If you can call that much. But, it's the most I've done this vacation, apart from work xD

And I just had the urge to write something pointless, so.. yeah :3
Ciao <3

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White Ice Fang
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Aug 13, 2010 @ 04:31am
Im sorry, i didnt get to you!
you dont deserve it, but there was no power points and no wifi...cause the college has this thing where it spits out a paper thingy, anyway that was crappy, and that night was cold...i think i almost got sick! D:
but yeah, i tried to get on at that time too.
i try every time...believe me
Happy days for daddy! told you nothing will happen, just hope it doesnt do anything sooo soon, knowing him...he likes to be busy....that was just what i assume

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