what is wrong with this economy these days? All the stores in my country come up with these toys to keep getting costumers. Toys as in, things you can collect.
And today I saw some kids, who collect these toys, searching around in garbage cans for those toys D: GARBAGE CANS, for christ sake! D:
We've had these things going on a lot, and it's always the kids that come ask for those toys whenever you went to the store (you get those things whenever you buy something). Like, they run to you asking for those crappy plastic thingies, like almost begging. Or like they'll kill you if you dont give them xD "Give me those toys, or you'll die!!'
So.. example: 'Gogos'
Tiny plastic dolls, which you got when you bought groceries at one certain shop I will not name. Kids loved them, and they were all over the mall, asking every costumer for their gogos.
Now they've got something else, which make kids search in trash for them O.o
My brother used to run into those kids with the shopping cart. In your face bitches!
It drives me nuts, stupid kids, with their stupid plastic toys D:
Or maybe I'm just jealous? Lol, never.. O.o

P.s. Sorry for using the word 'toys' a lot xD