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The PuppetMaster:Lonedreamers
And I am: Kestrel
I am a:Female
Candles on my cake:20
You can say I am: Kestrel is as quiet and as obedient as a servant can be since her behaviour is dependent on how much of her service will be needed. However, she can’t help but be brutally honest therefore earning her only the donkey, Carrot, as her friend.
Let me fill you in:
Kestrel was born to a well-off family until her father was branded a traitor when she was only five years old. He fled and left Kestrel and her mother to become the servants of the people he had supposedly conned. Her mother worked in the noble lady’s house and Kestrel became a maid to all the daughters and sons of the family. Once her mother passed away, she had only left Kestrel with a letter from her father which Kestrel couldn’t read.
From then on, she has offered her service to the palace in the Centre Kingdom.
This is me: Kestrel
My Role: A servant of the centre Kingdom
My intentions are: dependent upon how much I get paid
Reaction: Kestrel despises people who waste money and she thinks it’s quite funny how females of noble lineage will degrade themselves in a different way
I have a secret: Kestrel wants to save up money and learn to read. She has never read the letter her late father sent her because she can’t read.


The PuppetMaster: Lonedreamers
And I am: Anna-Sophia of Erdseer
I am a: Female
Candles on my cake: 22
You can say I am: Beautiful and I know it. Anna-Sophia is the vainest, wealthiest and most snobbish girl you’ll have the chance to know. She is vile to those who do not match her standards, but to those who do- she will be delightful company. A smooth and sassy talker, she is a hit with all the men at court. That’s until she stabs them in the back.
Let me fill you in:
Anna-Sophia was born into the noble house of Erdseer and grew up like a lady. She was educated in the art of court manners and all things ladylike from how to talk to a noble man to his mother. Anna-Sophia had the gift of beauty as well as oration; it was easy to see why she was an incredibly popular lady. Only for a while. Because it was revealed soon afterwards, that she always had poisonous intentions, exhorting noble men for their gifts and never actually giving serious answers whilst courting them. Her mother and father are proud of their daughter and know that she has the abilities and the looks to be a queen.
Her aim is to be queen, by any means necessary. That means- eliminating the competition.
This is me: Anna-Sophia
My Role: Noble house of Erdseer, Centre Kingdom
My intentions are: Evil
Reaction: She hopes that the crown prince can hold her interest long enough to finish the ‘game’.
I have a secret: Anna-Sophia is vicious and clever. She knows how to use people to their full potential as well as how to break a person’s morale.

Gaian Name: Lonedreamers
RP Name: Kestrel Chance
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Powers: None.
Weapons: Giant Axe
Personality: She’s a sassy girl with a nose for trouble and tends to go looking for it. Kestrel would love to be the hero in every situation; she really does love glory and fame. However, recently as her age has been climbing and no marriage offers (what with the dark lord taking over and all), she has lost confidence in herself and tends to be withdrawn when talk of the darkness comes up. She has no real love or loyalty to doing good things, since she has no living parents and nobody to fight for, but she does want to become stronger and get married so invents new ways to get stronger (often not very good ways). After all, in these troubling times, a strong bride is needed, yeah?

Bio: Kestrel was born as an average girl with average parents and monstrous siblings. She learned very early on in life not to ask too much of her parents because they really couldn’t do much. Her father was a farmer of cotton and that was their sole means of income until he was reported dead. Their mother became severely depressed and grew weaker until she passed away. This forced Kestrel to grow up quite quickly, taking on the household responsibilities. Her little brothers and sisters was all she cared about and cherished, doing various jobs and watching the blacksmith twist metal into any shape he wanted. She was playful and hardworking,loving her siblings and looking after them. So Kess was devastated when a plague struck the village, leaving only a handful of survivors. Kestrel was 14 at that time.
5 years onwards, Kestrel had not only travelled a lot and seen more things than she ever could have, but also acquired an axe and an attitude. This was perhaps due to taking some jobs that required a bodyguard.

After hearing the prophecy, she hopes that not only will she find the so-called royal-blooded person who’ll save the world, but also marry him along the way.
Alignment: Against the darkness


GaiaName: Lonedreamers
Name:Duha bint Atiyyah
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Weapon: Dual blades
Element: Grass/forest/plants ~ Life
Personality: Duha is a tenacious young girl with a sharp tongue and a sharp mind. Sometimes, she can sound vicious, but behind her words is a steadfast girl with an aching heart.
Duha was born as a twin with her brother Rayaan. She said she was the bossy baby and pushed out first- and she has always been coming first. Except her brother... he is now going to die first. Rayaan is diagnosed with an unhealthy heart. It beats irregularly and all the medicine men have said it beats too fast and too irregularly (Atrial Fibrillation). It is treated usually by shocks and her parents are always looking for some mechanic or magician to make a pacemaker for Rayaan. Duha had a different idea. She will find the cure for his disease so that he can live happily. Either she will find a cure, or go crazy. She has no time to be wasting in this stupid land. She has to go.

Who cares about saving the world? Saving Rayaan is far more important.
Appearance: Duha and Rayaan
Rayaan and Duha were masters of the dual blades, for they had always used one each and fought seamlessly until ten years ago, when he had collapsed as Duha stood victor over her brother.


Username- Lonedreamers
Name- Anna-Sophia Ashgate
Age- 20
Appearance-User Image
Seal- Crescent moon on the inside of her left wrist
Mage class- Elemental Mage
Magic- Earth and wind based

She was born in the city of the guiding light to the most noblest of kingdoms, Valora. Her father was gentle but firm, teaching her values and good manners. Her mother perished whilst giving birth, so the good king spoiled Anna-Sophia and she was able to get away with breaking rules and skirmishes outside of the castle.

Anna-Sophia loves good clothes and good food, but what she loves more is exploring. She loves to see things and have grand adventures, but that is not often possible when you're stuck learning arithmetic and languages of other kingdoms. However, she could be very sneaky and quiet, then fool everyone. She could mould the earth into any shape she desired. Anna-Sophia could make walls, destroy them, even stall others from finding her.

When she was 13 years old, she had deemed herself old enough to push past the borders of Valora. She was determined to explore the world and then come home, because Anna-Sophia believed this world was made to be explored. Nelni had taken so much care with it, after all. However, she didn't get very far, as on the stone bridge, she found a teenage boy, covered in blood and malnourished. Anna-Sophia brought him to the castle and watched the healers work. He grew healthier before her fascinated eyes. The girl wondered who this resilient boy was, how strong his spirit clung to this world! She convinced her father to let him stay as a guest, he was the only one around her age and she knew her father would never refuse her. Shin was allowed to stay at the castle, much to her delight. They told stories and talked of their dreams, the foods they didn't like and what they would do when they were grown up. However, when he was 18 and she was 17, they became distant. He went off to become a MageKnight and her own lessons became stricter. She had to concentrate as her father was growing older and she was the only heir. She took full responsibility, trying to take interest in the kingdom's affairs, but she often wandered what Shin would be doing and what magic he was learning.
Weapons- None.
Likes- Her dad, magic lessons, sweet tea, pretty clothes, natural views, confident people, causing trouble, Valoran people, company, talking
Dislikes- Arithmetic, being dirty, people who don't notice her, anything with raisins, people who don't talk
Other- Anna-Sophia comes across as a little spoiled and vain, but at heart she is a good girl. She has lead a rather sheltered life as she has never had to seen the hardships of the world thanks to her lineage. She is used to people praising and noticing her. She is a clever woman and a powerful mage, thanks to her fine teachers.


Username: Lonedreamers
Character Name: Zoya
Age: Is that important?
Race: Dark Elf
Powers: Quick and destructive. She has a variety of destructive spells that she can command at her whim. Her most favourite is the 'Live Burial'. She sends them all to their grave by letting the earth swallow a person whole. She's a formidable ally.
Alliance: Xun,Atra Pectum
Character Bio:

Elves are meant to be delicate and loving. They will have lovely long hair and skin the colour of milk. However, Zoya was born with the colour of mud. Her own family abandoned her (so much for loving and kind), but no other elf in the world wanted her. In such a world, she learned to survive by herself, with bitterness and resentment towards everyone. She has no sympathy for anyone and often goes ballistic at the littlest things. The years have made her bitter and sadistic.
Zoya enjoys destruction and is the happiest when she is the cause of it.

After all, why should anyone be allowed peace? As if they deserve any of it.
Weapon/s: None.


Name: Leela of Torse
Age: 35
Race: Human
Position: Queen
Kingdom: Torse
Weapon: None.
Powers/Abilites: Leela has no physical abilities, she is not fast at running or incredibly strong. The only powers she has, are mental and magical. She has always had the ability to see people for what they are, in addition, she can cast exceptionally strong barriers around people and herself to dilute magic and any form of weaponry. However, this takes an extensive amount of concentration and focus. She can also put barriers in her own mind to stop people taking control of her or reading her thoughts.

Personality: Leela is exceptionally intelligent, but well-mannered. She has never raised her voice or screamed or given into weakness despite being very human. Before, all she had ever wanted was to please her king and bring good changes to her land. That was until that impudent boy came along! He killed her husband and then demonised her twin daughters. She is certain those children are not his, but the rightful king that had been conquered. However, she cannot say anything in case she may never see them again.
Her grandfather was saved by the once Kind Knight, current king of Korus, she is perhaps the only one who does not want him dead because he had saved someone very precious to her.

She is always hoping for a brighter future for her daughters and the kingdom of Torse.

Bio: Leela was a mature girl who was brought up in royalty and was exceptionally good at languages and reading other people's worries. The mountain people were genuinely friendly to each other, but they are a xenophobic population. Leela was 16 when she was crowned the Queen and took off her crown when her husband was murdered. She has never worn her crown since.

Leela loves her kingdom and wants to do all that is in her power to get rid of this dictatorship. Leela despises the man who brought down Torse, even though she did marry him. Not only did he murder her husband and army, but he also stripped her of her twin daughters. She believes that they are not his true daughters; she believes they are rightfully hers and she should be allowed to look after them. Leela has stayed steadfast and not given in to the despair of loneliness. She is a Queen. Although Genevieve resembles her more, Luzila was named after Leela. The Queen often waits for the chance to slip them presents or hear snippets of their news from the chamberlain or other ladies of the castle.

Now, as she knows the plans of the present King, she is certain to warn the Legendary Knight. If there is anyone that could stop his dictatorship, it is him.

She's torn between two tyrants, but she will find a way out, she is certain.
Appearance: User Image
Controlled by: Lonedreamers