Username: Lonedreamers
Full Name: Kestrel Chance
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hometown: Immediate City
Allegiance: Normal
Power(s): Kestrel was born without a hint of ‘superpower’ in her.
Weaknesses: Being a normal human, she is vulnerable to everything that works against an average female. Her family and her poverty are her biggest weaknesses and the stem of all her fears.
Talents: One of her well-known talents is that she is a great skater. Kestrel can’t afford a fancy car or fancy bike, so she uses roller-skates to get to her jobs or to anywhere. She is incredibly fast and this is one of the few things in life that give her any joy. Her other talent is that she is quite good with electronics and can fix many appliances.
Habits/Quirks: She rolls her eyes a lot (which annoys her mum), can blank out people, doesn’t like any animals except a few species of bird, dislikes smokers and drinkers, she isn’t satisfied until she has halved the price for something, has her skates everywhere except sleeping and bathing, horribly truthful
Hobbies: Roller-skating, eating, reading, window-shopping, haggling
General Philosophy:
Nobody is truly altruistic, depend only on yourself and fulfil your obligations. Vulnerability is a sin.
Kestrel is tough on others but on herself the most. She has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders with four younger siblings to look after. She doesn’t really like the Fakers, it makes her feel too exposed to people who could exploit the weaknesses she tries to hide, so the young girl is always on the guard, a snap in her voice when there really shouldn’t be. She really dislikes people who waste food or money just because they can. Other than those few hiccups, she’s a playful and hard-working individual.
Kestrel was born as an average girl with average parents and monstrous siblings. She learned very early on in life not to ask too much of her parents because they really couldn’t do much. Her father was an engineer of the Recognisers and that was their sole means of income until he was reported dead. Their mother became severely depressed to the point she stopped responding to anything and lies in a comatose state. This forced Kestrel to grow up quite quickly, taking on the household responsibilities. Although some people say, her family is her leash, it is truly the only thing she cares about so she doesn’t mind.
Most of her jobs include repairing faulty equipment, such as machines, electronic readers and other such appliances. Her main job right now is that she works as a technician-courier combo where her employer gives her a pile of tech-books that are faulty (similar to an eBook reader, but these are the newest forms of compact libraries) and deliver the repaired ones to people’s homes. Other than that, she has various jobs from being a waitress to a handywoman.

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