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full name: matsuoka fae (松岡フェイ)

ethnicity: japanese/white

sexuality: straight

birthday: 1st August

likes: Cute things, sanrio, talking, cake, laughing, dressing up, dancing, baking, helping her mother, going out.

dislikes: Negative people, insects, horror films, Kaoru, sour things, people who stare at her.

appearance: She has short dark brunette hair which is coloured purple half way up the hair. (see picture) She is quite short and has an average build for a teenager.

attire: Normally wears a lot of bright clothes and jewellery with cute animal heads and such. She likes to wear fun oversized hoodies and often wears cute and bright clips in her hair.

personality: She is a very outgoing, bubbly and bright person, but also very hardworking. She is Yuu’s best friend and she is always there for him when he needs to talk. She is very caring and comforting and can be hyper often but she does know when to calm down. She listens to anything that’s popular in the Oricon (Japanese music charts) at that moment, and she is a very positive and talkative person.

extra: Her mother is white, originally from Los Angeles. She lives on top of her mothers cake shop where she helps her mom to bake cakes. Her hair fades to a bright purple/pink as you go towards the tips.

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all profiles drawings are drawn by me, please don't steal