kaoru/tae-hyun (薫/태현)

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full name: kang tae-hyun / kaoru (in japan) (강태현/カン薫)

ethnicity: korean (with dual nationality)

sexuality: gay

birthday: 10th December

likes: Yuu, Yuu, Yuu, boys, getting drunk, photography, his hair, ramen, Chinese food, eating, cooking (can cook well).

dislikes: Sweet things, (sweets, cakes) almost everyone, loud people, overly excited people, being social.

appearance: Tall and also skinny with no muscular definition. His hair is black and styled forward with his parting to his left. He has big eyes, very pale skin and a roundish face.
PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS: He has black crucifix earrings in each ear which look like this in black.

attire: Very plain, grays, blacks and whites. He normally keeps the jewellery to necklaces and wears skinny jeans, hoodies, t shirts and long sleeve t shirts with no design. He likes to wear fake fur coats. Sometimes wears blazers and ties. Wears leather trousers/pants very very often.

personality: Very socially awkward. Always avoids talking to people, and will only open up with his best friend Yuu, who he also has a massive crush on. His coming out period was horrible for him, rejection by all his peers led him to spend hours alone in his room in the dark and become socially cut off, even to now refusing to open up to anyone. He is selfish and greedy, and likes to be around Yuu as much as he can. He smokes because it calms him down as he is very easily tempered and can become quite violent and scary when angry. He drinks also. He’s a very jealous person when there are other people around Yuu (especially Tsuki, Yuu’s girlfriend) whom he dislikes.

extra: In his free time, he goes out alone to take photos with his canon camera.

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