tsuki (月)

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full name: nagano tsuki (長野月)

ethnicity: japanese

sexuality: straight

likes: Yuu Lolita, dressing up, experimenting with new styles, elegance, peace, her younger brother, purity, cleanliness, morals.

dislikes: Loud people, Kaoru, Kaoru, Kaoru, being short, selfish people, people with no goals or aims, dirt, odor.

appearance: Very ‘gentle’ looking appearance, very pale, wears fake eyelashes often, long straight black hair that reaches down to the middle of her back (think Mio from K-ON! similar hair) quite short.

attire: When dressing up she often dresses in her own, modified lolita style. She does not like to follow lolita fashion trends but rather create her own from existing ones. She loves to accessorise, especially in her hair. She wears a lot of frills and lace and when she is wearing her casual clothes, they contain a lot of light and airy elegant style clothing. She wears heeled shoes and boots to increase her height which she is very conscious of.

personality: Always very quiet and shy with a soft voice. She smiles a lot, and is normally the one to let others start the conversation. She is very sensitive and easily hurt, but she massively trusts her boyfriend Yuu as he is always there for her. She thinks a lot, and likes to share jokes with Fae.

extra: Always wears a silver chain with a key on it, which goes down below her collar bones. Symbol of love with her boyfriend Yuu who wears the same chain with a padlock instead of a key.

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