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A book with no title.

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If I tried to write something
That was absolutely perfect and true
If I tried to find a way
To completely get through to you
Something from my heart
From my eyes
my soul.
Something that in part
stops the lies
But in whole;
Tells you everything I've ever needed to say
The things I've forgotten, or still have missed to this day
Something that makes you forgive
Both yourself and me
Something that reminds you to live
an imperfect life, perfectly.
A way to always find the beauty in our ruble
A way to see our light in the dark, albeit it subtle
Almost like a guide, a present from me to you
A reliable set of rules to help you make it through
Our thickest troubled times that take your mind away
That make you retch and scream, that make it hard to stay
If you'll listen to me now, and open up your mind
I'll do my very best, and hope that I can find
The scarce and fleeting words that truly understand
And fit perfectly together to tell you what I can

There are several simple things, which you must promise not to forget
You need to know them all, they're part of a required set
One with out the other, is as bad as none at all
And if you fail to keep them together you're bound to trip and fall
The first of these is Love, which I have for you in spades
It is plentiful and whole, the kind that never fades
You must know this mind and heart, and never ever doubt
It is threatened by your suspicion, which fights to put it out.

The second one is Trust, which doesn't come on its own
But it's the Author of our life, which sets our daily tone
It tells us what to think, it tells us how to act
When confronted with the things that aren't undeniably fact
So we have to keep it close, if it strays to far away
We'll keep a weary eye every single day

After that is Hope, it gets us through the muck
It's the spark of light inside, when we're awfully down on luck
It keeps us moving forward, when we've nowhere left to go
It tells us there's something to be gained, when there's nothing here to show
So we have to keep it close, hold it dear and true
Without it we will fall apart, shattered glass with no glue

Finally is Life, which encompasses us as a whole
It is all we ever are from start to final toll
It's our only ever chance to do the things we will
It's the blood inside our veins which gives us every thrill
But life is short and sacred, ended just as it began
So we must savor every moment, and hold on to all we can.

These are simple truths you must promise not to forget
The basic rules of life in which all things are set.
I really wish I could have finished this one, but I just had nothing left, I couldn't muster up the last few lines.

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