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Pocky's Little Thoughts
This Journal will contain quotes, poems, short or maybe long stories, and little thought entries. I'll make this a diary if I find it suitable. x3
Curiosity of Two Loves :3 ( Rantie Rant )
I never understood how someone could love two people at once. Just the thought of it sounded actually ridiculous to me and it still kind of does. "I love you, but I love her too?" Because if you really loved that first person like you claim you do then how does that other person come into the picture? How does that other person earn the feelings of love that you supposedly devoted to the person that was there first? If you had love the first person like you said then that other person wouldn't of made its way towards your heart like that. So in all, if you find yourself in this situation wouldn't it be better to pick the second person? After all, they stole that attention that you solely gave the first and they seemingly have a leash on it because you keep coming back. Just the thought is really mind boggling to me.

Now that I think about it, it's the same when people cheat. In all, that person that can't choose between two people is experiencing selfish love. In a way, I can see that person loves the two people that he loves in a special way. Those feelings are what he defines as love, but is it really love? One can't answer that because everyone loves differently. Love does not have a definition because everyone feels and thinks differently about it and the way they experience it. So can you really say its wrong for that person to fall in love with two people? Is it really love or can be simply put as selfish love.

Selfish love... They are hurting two people they care about the most because THEY can't seem to let go one or the other. In all, that person really thinks about themselves by going back and forth between the two. In our society, you're only allowed to love one person. Be with one person. Monogamy. Even though our ethical beliefs come into play with that, but can the human mind really process only having love for one person? Its natural to feel attracted to someone while being in relationship with someone but the choice is that if you wish to pursue it are you willing to deal with the consequences?

I never understood any of this, but I want to one day read inside the human mind and find out why a person can take that form of loyalty of feelings and spread them to someone else without cutting off the ties of the former person. Its a luring mystery.

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Afternoon Sunshine
Community Member

Fri May 25, 2012 @ 11:30pm

Idk why I'm even leaving a comment here. D:< It just seemed.. interesting.

I believe having a second lover is mostly due to lust.
Or the curiosity of, "What if I made this choice instead?"
Or.. the addiction to the adrenaline feelings of sneaking around, or for the butterflies in your stomach.

Perhaps people CAN have multiple people they're in love with.. BUT it'll never work out in a relationship since... Well I mean, who wants to share their lover with another person?
There is always the possibility of someone better coming into your life, but it all comes down to loyalty, and happiness.

True Sympathy
Community Member

Sat May 26, 2012 @ 12:08am

LOL! Yay a comment on this matter.

Really? Then they wouldn't really be considered a lover because they don't love them.
Hm. True ~ !
A lot of people do wonder what would happen if I go down this path just to see what the results are.
Also true, I guess cheating can be considered an addiction.

<333 I wanna make love your intelligence right now. xDD

Afternoon Sunshine
Community Member

Sat May 26, 2012 @ 01:19am

True, lust isn't really considered love at all, especially when it comes to guys (no offense to them). But I do believe one can have a lover (Person A).. then develop lust for another person (Person B)...., but then develop an actual love connection with Person B too. Even the most loyal person may be led astray with desiring lustful thoughts, but still love Person A. If that makes any sense...... xDDDDDDD;

People do have choices. Just.. others may get hurt in the process..
I personally would stick with my Person A since.. I'd promise the world to them, indirectly or not. Unless... if Person A turned out to be a backstabber/whore/user..
But it's not the fact of choosing-next-on-my-list, because obviously that's wrong.. It's just about who you can honestly get along with, be happy with, ..and spend the rest of your life with.

Of course HAVING two lovers wouldn't work out... but loving TWO people may occur.. (& is very possible) though I do admit most of the time it's just the lust taking over.

I'm guessing by the rant, and taking time to write it down, that you have two separate feelings for two people?

Yea, that's me, smart. cat_cool cat_cool Lulz, jkjk.
Who knows where I went with this big reply. xDDDD; It was probably all unnecessary. Sometimes I talk too much of somewhat commonsense. ;A;

True Sympathy
Community Member

Sat May 26, 2012 @ 01:30am

I was thinking that more along the lines that people can love more than one person because they loved them in a special way.
For instance, I love person A because they are kind, reliable, and beautiful inside and out.
I love person B because they are strong, motivating, and active.
You love both A and B for special reasons, but what I don't get is you trying to have BOTH of them.

That is also true.
I know for a fact that even if you love someone you can still be attracted to someone else.
Its human nature, but its whether you choose to go astray or not.

Same here.
Then again, what leads some people astray is not for what Person A did, but for what they don't do.
They might not have a certain trait or have something heavily in common with you that you would like to explore and that's why the seek Person B, but are still very much in love with Person A.


Whaaaa? No way! xDD
I never loved two people at once.
There has been a time where I loved someone but was attracted to someone, but I didn't pursue them because I loved my boyfriend at that time.

Its just when I watch TV shows, hear conversations between my friends, and watch married couples fall apart from things like this..
I just wonder.

o: I love the big reply!
Intellectual conversations/debates are fun. n w n

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