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The Secrets, The Truth, The Lies, The Pain, and Me
A Bright Silver journal with yinyang symbol in the middle of it, is open revealing what seems to be notes, short stories, and pained poems written in a feathered pen. The gold lock sits beside it ready to lock away the secrets.
What the hell is this
okay so freak sent me survey and ask me to fill it out....you know what I do? I fill it out! HA!

1. Did you eat paste when you were in elementary school? No
2. Were you one of the kids who "accidentally" stapled their finger? Yes
3. Did you ever write an anonymous love letter to your crush? Yes
4. Were you ever sent to the principles office? No
5. Did you participate in a school play? Many Times
6. Were you a Spelling Bee contestant? Yes
7. Are you a math genius? Yes
8. Does your first name start with a vowel? No
9. Does your first name start with a constanant? ....Obviously Yes
10. Do you like your name? First name; No Middle; Yes
11. Is your age an even number? Yes
12. Is your age an odd number? ..... stare Figure it out
13. Do you act your age? No
14. Do you feel old? No
15. Do you like to wear your favorite color? No
16. Do you like the country you are living in? No/Yes
17. Do you think the war in the middle east is sensless? Yes
18. Do you watch Television? Sometimes
19. Do you watch the news? Sometimes
20. Do you watch cartoons? Yes
21. Are you a fan of anime/mangas? Yes
22. Can you draw? Yes
23. Do you like to write literature? I like writing Short Stories and death poems
24. Do you own a JanSport back-pack? No
25. Do you prefer to write in pencil? No
26. Do you prefer to write in pen? ...I pity you
27. Do you prefer to write with mechanical pencils over the regular pencils? Yes
28. Did you dye your hair before? Yes now
29. Do you war make-up? Eyeliner
30. Are you in a relationship (Gaia)? Yes
31. Are you in a relationship (real)? Yes (same person)
32. Do you have multiple accounts on Gaia? maybe
33. Have you been on Gaia for more than a year? I think so...close to it atleast
34. Do you own a Myspace? No
35. Do you like these quizzes? Sometimes
36. Are you older than 18 years? No
37. Can you speak more than two languages? No
38. Do you like pets? Yes
39. Do you own a pet? Yes
40. Do you have more than one pet? Yes
41. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? ......yes
42. Does your bed have more than one blanket? yes
43. Do you sleep with more than one pillow? ^^ yes
44. Do you sleep on your stomach? Yes
45. Do you sleep on your back? No
46. Do you sleep on your sides? Yes sometimes
47. Do you love to sleep? Yes
48. Do you like coffee? Yes
49. Are you a Starbucks patron (regular customer)? Starbucks can burn in hell their coffee taste like s**t!
50. Do you like Dippin' Dots (ice cream "of the future" wink ? HOLY MOTHER OF ICE CREAM YES!
51. Is your favorite ice cream a plain flavor (meaning chocolate, vanilla,
or strawberry)? Yes
52. Do you drink energy drinks? Sometimes
53. Are you addicted to energy drinks? No
54. Do you drink soda? Yes
55. Do you drink water? Yes
56. Do you prefer water over soda? Depends onsoda
57. Do you like to cook? No
58. Do you mostly eat out? Yes
59. Do you have a lot of money on a daily basis? No
60. Does your avie resemble how you look in the real life? Blue hair me? NO!
61. Are you a procrastinator? Huh?
62. Are you addicted to Gaia? Yes
63. Are you mainly addicted to the internet? Yes
64. Do you do your homework before you go online? Math homework the rest I do later
65. Do you have chores? Yes
66. Do you do your chores before going on the internet? Some of them
67. Have you ever been grounded? Yes many a time
68. Do you own a cell phone? Yes
69. Do you text message a lot? No
70. Do you have a high phone bill because of that? No
71. Do you own a MP3 player? Yes
72. Do you really buy the songs to put on your MP3 player? Most of them
73. Are you a pirate? Huh?
74. Do you get the songs from your CD's? Yes some of them
75. Are you a trend-setter? Yes
76. Are you a trned-follower? Sometimes
77. Are you a "I-don't-care-about-fashion" person? Most of the time yes
78. Do you feel like punching or doing physical harm to a celebrity? Yes
79. Have you ever gotten into a fight? Yes
80. Have you ever been punched before? Yes
81. Have you ever witnessed a fight? Yes
82. Do you read the newspaper? No
83. Do you only read the comic section of the newspaper? Yes
84. Do you read a specific magazine? kindas
85. Do you read a magazine that would be embarassing if someone
caught you reading it? no
86. Do you have a perverted mind? yes
87. Do you go to X-rated websites (be honest!) Yes
88. Are you a virgin? Yes
89. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Yes
90. Do you want to be immortal? No
91. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Kinda
92. Can you read fortunes? It fun trying to
93. Have you ever played with a Ouija board or something similar? No
94. Did your prediction come true? it did once
95. Have you ever casted a spell? No
96. Do you believe they work (spells)?No
97. Do you do witchcraft? No
98. Are you a Wiccan? No
99. Do you believe that spells and fortune-telling methods will send a
person to hell? No really
100. Have you ever sacrificed something? Yes

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