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The Secrets, The Truth, The Lies, The Pain, and Me
A Bright Silver journal with yinyang symbol in the middle of it, is open revealing what seems to be notes, short stories, and pained poems written in a feathered pen. The gold lock sits beside it ready to lock away the secrets.
Harry Potter Stuff
long long ago, like 5 months ago. I once decided I would right a Harry Potter fanfic.
I only got one page done. here it is for good times sake.

A shy girl, who's black shaggy cut bangs covered her eyes, was fiddling with the sleeves of her new school robe while she wait for the professor to call her name to be sorted. She figeted quite alot, and nearly jumoed out of her own skin when her name was called.
"SAMANTHA GEMINE" Professor McGonagall((sp?)) called.
The small child looked at the professor almost in complete horror. She the began slowly walking to the front of the great hall. Shaking nervously as she went. when she made it to where the stool was she sat down still messing with her sleeves. Then professor McGonagall placed the sorting hat on her head. It took a moment but the hat did start talking to her, and when it did it startled her, making her jump off the stool. Almost the whole hall was snickering except the table to the far left. They were laughing uncontrollably.Even the sorting hat seemed to find the girl amusing. Sammantha quickly got back on the stool her face turning a deep red, which not many could see because of the bangs covering her face. By the time she was back on the stool the sorting hat had come to a conclusion. It knew exactly were this girl should be. The only problem was no one else would believe it.
"SLYTHERIN" the sorting hat bellowed to the great hall. Making almost all the students stare in shock with their mouth agape. The girl removed her the hat from her head placing it very gently on the stool she had just gotten off anf meekly made her way to the Slytherin table to the far left. She sat down quickly and starred at the table in front of her as to not see the looks she was reciving from everyone. Professor McGonagall was the first to recover from her shock and began calling out names agian. When McGonagall had gotton to at least three children after her she finally managed the courage to look up at the teachers table, where her uncle was sitting. He was smiling at her with approval, which was actually pretty creepy considering it was Snape.

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