Since I forgot yesterday, I'm doing yesterday's as well.

Yesterday's Weather: cold

Went to CS174A, learned some SQL. Gave red moneybag to professor, which he was pleased with and mentioned it was year of the snake.

After lunch, went to work on CS 162 assignment with partner. While we were reviewing the code, she offered me a wheat cracker. It was dry and bland, but filling, which is good enough for me.

Went to CS162. After class, gave red moneybag to professor. He liked the gift.

After dinner, worked a bit on CS 162 before working on CS 140 assignment. Managed to get a lot done with the latter while my partners finished CS 162. I'm glad one assignment is done so I can focus on another.

Happiness Rating: 5

Today's Weather: Sunny

Went to CS140 as usual. Met with partner to confirm meeting at CSIL after lunch.

Worked on CS140 assignment after lunch with partner. Had problems with code over values that would result in remainders.

Went to ENGR 101, learned about patent trolls.

After dinner, continued to work on CS140 assignment. Met another classmate in the class and we helped each other finish the assignment. Gave him a red moneybag and wished him good fortune and thanked him for the help. Also met another friend working on a different assignment and engaged in conversation. After CS140 assignment done, only had an hour before midnight to study for CS174 midterm. I'm confident from the first 2 homework assignments, but I need to focus on the latest one.

Happiness Value: 5