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The Diary of a Girl With No Shame
My lit on life, people, places. This is a get to know me better sort of idea.

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Today's topic is choice of style

I was a normal student ("Normal" used lightly here). In Elementary I was popular, blond hair, thin waist and multiple boyfriends were common, but I was always very good to people and teachers. I think in some aspect that's a pretty average elementary student. I wore an appropriate attire for that time period consisting of piggy tails and dresses.

Years later, 6th grade, I began to gain weight and soon enough I became unhealthy. Because of my weight gain. My peers would talk crudely behind my back and once Jr. High shown its nasty head I was treated most improperly, but my personality never changed, but my weight was still an issue so I had to wear more baggier clothes, flaunt tennis shoes on a daily basis and wear sports bras which were aggravating and unnerving to wear.

With my weight fluctuating and having yet a date since 3rd grade I became self conscious and during 8th grade into my early high school years I wore strictly black signifying my depressive state. Black was my ego and ally, I trusted that color more than I trusted anyone else and because I didn't have many friends I am so thankful to this day that I had anime to cheer me up. It was, in a sense, my lover and my companion.

I attended an early college for my high school years. Towards my 10th through 13th year attending with them I began to blossom and lose weight. It was as if my baby fat was rolling off and a once, almost 200 LB girl, became a girl I am today, 135 LB's. I wear more lighter colors and tighter dresses. Many aspects contributed to my loss of weight and change of style, but I feel more perfect in my body now than I had years ago.

With all that said I went from nicely dressed, baggy clothes, goth stage and back to nicely dressed. If you are going through the changes of weight gain and feeling you're not an appropriate size, you can change. If you're currently in Jr. High there is still hope. Be healthy, do healthy things and become the size you want to be.

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