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The Diary of a Girl With No Shame
My lit on life, people, places. This is a get to know me better sort of idea.

With the pandemic there came chaos.
I'm currently jobless for the time being, I'm on unemployment, but that's not what I'm posting about today.

My views on politics are rendered by my little knowledge on certain subjects. I yearn to be taught about things I know little about, but what I see and through my own investigation is how I interpret certain situations, minus fake news and how they present the issue. With that being said, if you see this and unfriend me than that's fine, but it really needs to be said, and just know this is my point of view on the matter. My opinion. Everyone is entitled to one, not just me.

I was on chatterbox today when a conversation broke out, as this conversation has been going on well over 10 years. Black. Lives. Matter. I put a period in between each word to emphasize the importance of each, yet taking into consideration each individual meaning. First off, and it goes without saying, all lives matter (and BLM protesters and activists love to say that, that's not the point, yet it is) that is what you are essentially protesting, for it was because of police officers violating rights and "killing innocent people" that were not just of a certain race, but the title for this organization of people is not what upsets me so. No, in fact, and people who complain over and want to argue over a title ("It's black lives matter, not all lives matter" - "It's all lives matter, not black lives matter" wink are wasting breath. There will always be controversy over it, drop it!

Now, the issue stands when a group such as this, as big as it is (notice feminism is like this too) is blown out of proportions by the media. You are being blindsided by fake news people, don't you see? Black people are being killed, Jews are being killed, white people are being killed, Muslims are being killed, but because we've named our protest black lives matter the media is going to stalk out stories that capture police brutality towards black people (and look I hate even specifying a persons identity or color because to me you're human regardless...we are all human and should be treated equally).

But do you understand the consequences of not listening to a police officer? Do you know how quick of a decision they have to make when it involves their life versus a criminals? And everytime I've been pointed to a story from a black lives matter point of view, I always see in every article or journal entry "they resisted arrest" well....I wonder why they got hurt?

Now, if you've made it this far, listen to me. I'm not saying all cops are good guys, because some are not. Some are cruel bastards who need to be punished for things they've done, but you've been hypnotized by the media...point blank.

Everyone's lives matter. No one should be wrongfully killed.

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