Time moves forward as I sit still.
Thinking of ideas that drag me down.
Can I fade or slowly lose my will?
Back then I was a king with no crown.
Praised but never appreciated.
Call it fate.
Call it what you like.

My mind use to be whole.
Flourishing with positive thoughts.
Love burning my heart like heated coal.
Time undid it all.
Left me with premature thoughts to end it here.
Seemed just like yesterday.

Familiar faces now walk past me.
My existence is put on hold.
Do they remember me?
Or are they just moving to fast?
I'm stuck in this lifesize cage.
Bound to watch time past me by.

I could curse the God I thrown away.
But no one ever answers anyway.
The only person who acknowledges me is my own reflection,
From the puddle of misery that I produced.
The rings around my eye show sleepless nights.
Staying up with myself having mental fights.

I let go and watch everyone.
With my cigarette that never goes out.
I'd give my breath for another chance to sleep.
Another chance to dream.
To be anywhere but here.

I was told the key was in my heart,
But that was stolen years ago.
Bloody thieves disguised as beauties.
Gleaming at your precious heart waiting for your guard to weaken.
It's natural.

So let time rob my spotlight,
As I sit still in this cage.
Watching the stars fall down.
And waiting.
Won't you free me?