• Carols ring out through the cheerful night
    No trace of Thanksgiving or Halloween fright
    Mistletoe hung from the cealing with care
    As expecting lovers hope to meet there
    Warm fires crackle and burn in their place
    Outside, snow falls on an innocent childs face

    The sweet seranade of "Silent Night" calms and comforts
    As a young child bakes cookies in a neverending effort
    To catch a glimpse of the sweet, Saint Nick
    Who'll grant him a gift, with his nightly trick
    If he was good, he'll be rewarded with his Skateboard goal
    Though if he was naughty, his small hands will meet coal

    Looking through the snowkissed windows
    The Christmas cheer shall wisp away all your woes
    So to all who read this
    On a November or December with sheer delight
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night