• If you were asked to define Christmas,
    What would you say?
    Joy and family early in the day,
    And the presents,
    Oh the presents,
    And That guy who delivers them,
    Whats his name,
    Well i dont care about him I only care for what he came,
    If you asked me to define Christmas,
    I would say,
    Me and two of my brothers,
    And my father and mother,
    Twelve Presents under the tree,
    Four for me,
    I already know what I got,
    So theres no surprise,
    To find a jacket, 2 gift cards, and gutair lessons,
    Oh my!
    more then I got last year!
    Im so exited!
    You look at this,
    And think its pethetic!
    So you open all your hundreds of presents under that tree,
    And if you think it wasnt enough for your little greedy soul,
    Think of me...