• Love
    What really is love no one really knows how to explain the feeling. Love comes differently to all of us. Some feel happy and just know what love is and others go to fantasy books and base love on that. Here is a story on what a hometown girl thought what seemed to be love.
    Sam was walking home from school feeling disappointed not only in herself but in life in general. She had gotten a D- on her science test. She knew her parents were going to flip once they saw here test! She had lost hope in life. She knew she probably would never see the sun on here face ever again. She gradually walked down to the public bus stop and waited for the bus. It was 3:15pm the bus would be there in 20 minutes. She sat and waited when she saw someone walking up to the bus stop, which was rare because no one took this bus. She saw that it was a man. He had shoulder length hair and hazel nut eyes he was listening to what seemed to be an iPod. She sat thinking nothing at all not even any emotion. The man approahed her. The bus was just pulling up. Sam got on the bus and then the man did. She sat in the 5th seat from the back like she always did. The man stood there as the bus started to move. The man looked her way with a small grin on his face. Sam turned away. The man showed some feeling to Sam no feeling she had ever seen before. The bus stopped it was her stop. She got off as the man grabbed her arm and asked "What's your name?" in a mysterious voice she answered "Sam",puzzled. Then walked off to her house. She felt no more disappointment in herself, she totally forgot about her D-. She felt a more indiscribable feeling. She went home and put here test on the kitchen table and went off to her room. It was not a punishment it was more like a choice, she felt she needed to clear her head with some rest. She woke the next morning and went off to school. She felt no need for breakfast just to see the man again. She went to the public bus stop and saw the man was there, she started to feel that indiscribable feeling again. She raced to him and jumped into his arms and they shared an unforgettable kiss. She knew what the feeling was by her fantasy books it was love she was feeling.

    Sam had felt that indescribable feeling called love i told you about and in her case she was high school age and so was the mystery man but all in all they loved each other. With out Sam even knowing the man's name. Love is undescribable to all or based on what we read in books.