• As i gaze in to your eyes
    my mind is mesmerized
    my heart skips a beat
    my cheeks grow red.

    Your soft sweet words
    sound like natures own beauty
    every one knows your such a cutey.

    No words could discribe my feelings
    no words could discribe my passion
    if i think of you i could never get depression.

    My head spins and my heart pumps
    when i see you it goes kah-thump
    your like a sore on the roof of my mouth
    you would slowly go away
    if only id stop tounging it
    so i will never let my lips leave yours.

    your a godess, a princess, a queen
    you deserve only the best
    your soft suductive lips make me paralized
    your eyes make me stop and stare
    im not kidding girl, its like you have me under your spell

    Your are what i was born for
    you are my one, my only, my true love
    you are my life, my soul
    you are so special
    i love you, i always have, always will xx