• Disturbing the snow that has blanketed the land
    A random choice to start walking
    Somewhat hoping to be lost in the winter
    Turning unknown corners brings me to a
    Workshop, only to leave me in

    My, the things one can wonder
    Things thought to never have graced the land
    Making my mouth open in
    Awe, a reindeer flew past, as opposed to the usual walking
    Following it's path with my eyes, I happened to spot a
    Small sled, seemingly surprised by the new winter

    "Sir," I cried, "I see you are ready for winter
    but your sled will not move, so I wonder,
    if you may need some help?" With a
    Twinkle in his eye, he explained "I am new to this land,
    My friends have flown off, but luckily you were walking
    By. Would you like to come in?"

    With a flourish, he went in
    The workshop. When I realized the chill of winter
    I followed, slowly walking
    Observing everything with wonder
    Of how this was never here before on this land
    Yet it all seemed so settled, almost like a ...

    A place for amazement, a place to relax, a
    structure that's been there for years. I felt I was in
    the presence of one whose seen many lands
    But only in the winter.
    The workshop was filled with wonder,
    As I remembered I wanted to be lost when I started walking

    I couldn't help but to stop walking
    When the gentleman turned around, dressed in a
    red suit, with white cotton lining, laughing at my wonder.
    "Now that you are here, comfortable and safe in
    My home, you may relax this winter."
    "Where am I?" I asked, confused and perplexed, "What is this land?"

    With twinkling eyes, he replied, "My dear, you are walking in
    A winter