• The air is cold,
    The sky is gray,
    The beautiful white flakes,
    I've been praying for,
    Just wont come and stay,
    I missed them last winter,
    I'm hoping I wont this time,
    All it does is rain here,
    And the flakes turn to mush,
    And soon enough,
    It's a great green bush,
    I wont take in any longer,
    I just need the snow,
    All my life,
    I've been hoping for,
    Just a few simple snowflakes,
    Is that too much to ask?
    I need them now,
    I bet others do too.

    The ground is white!
    This morning it snowed!
    All my wishes came true!
    And it finally showed!
    I put my big coat,
    And head outside,
    All my friends are there,
    Making a snow boat,
    I find a quiet place,
    High up in a tree,
    And it's white leaves,
    Fall on my shoulders,
    I sit there and think,
    Of how I should spend my time,
    And my only thought is:
    SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!