• G'day it's nearly Christmas
    I'm here to let you know
    Of how Australia does it
    From this poetic show
    The sand is our snow
    The beach is our ice
    We love it don't you know
    With our Christmas Ham and spice
    With our barbecue in the back
    Sizzling our steak
    We don't cut any slack
    Because Christmas will be great

    Santa is on his way
    From traveling those great big miles
    Him giving us the pressies
    To make our kids just smile
    Our Christmas Spirit never leaves
    Like the the position of the sun
    Singing our Carols weaves
    All of us in to one

    With us in joy
    With everyone in grins
    With the kids with toys
    It's like everybody wins
    With us being multi
    We welcome all
    Australia ain't anti
    We will break down the walls
    We do not count the races
    We do not count the skin
    All we count are the faces
    Smiling from all the great things
    As the Birth of our God
    The baby who will save
    Us all in one day
    So all should behave

    To end this rhyme
    All I'll say mate
    is that I had a good time
    and that Christmas will be great!