• Flowing in a gentle pattern,
    Never changing its gentle ways,
    A limpid pool of icy zeal,
    Always flowing with care.
    The beauty of the world,
    Contained within the blue jewel,
    As the moon controls its ebb,
    The world spins around,
    Winter begins the cycle of water.

    Rigid rifts in the ground,
    To the towering mountains above,
    Steady and slowly changing,
    Always eroding but never defeated,
    It is forever adamant and aggressive.
    Walking upon it every day,
    A fine cover of brown dust,
    Omnipresent in war and peace,
    Never befalling the tests of time,
    Spring has healed the frost-bitten earth.

    Rising up in glowing towers,
    Fiercely ravaging through the land,
    The inferno cannot be controlled,
    With its sadistically magnificent talons.
    The heat radiating with life-giving pleasure
    Passion enthralling even the toughest souls,
    Fervor filling the heart with heat,
    The light is innately neutral,
    But it is never entirely evil.
    Summer is blazing with fire.

    Caressing gentle flesh with its wispy tendrils,
    Rustling browned leaves with a swift gust,
    Never rooted in one place,
    Wondering from land to land.
    Carefree and full of hilarity,
    Gentle amongst the most wicked beings,
    Forgiving and destructive,
    A happy-go-lucky sort of thing.
    Autumn brings in the gentle air.

    A spark that lives within us all,
    The force that fills us with vigor,
    The remains of our ancestors,
    And a rush of all that lives.
    Forces that cannot be contained,
    Reside within every element
    The only thing that joins the different,
    And reconciles the opponents.
    Forever lives the all-pervading spirit.