• Every year, Santa have a sigh.
    This one day,Christmas it is called.
    And all the childrens hopes are high.
    And all the parents lolled.

    Santa woke up, and jingle his bells and chime,
    to call up for the elves to make gifts and presents,
    but it was quiet, like someone did a crime.
    and all of the elves are absent.

    Santa wander around the house looking for them,
    but there is no one within his sight.
    Then Santa gave a mighty 'damn!'
    because he didn't turn on the lights.

    so he see the elves are still asleep,
    Santa's kindness prevents them from waking up.
    but inside his heart so deep,
    he wants to beat them to pulp.

    So he decided to make the toys himself,
    but unfortunately he didn't know what he's doing.
    then he took the scraps, and tins from the shelf.
    and make it look stunning.

    He finishes the job horribly well,
    and pack it up in a halloween bag,
    it have a quite awkward smell.
    but Santa didn't care and just drag.

    Santa forgot that Christmas is coming,
    so he didn't feed the reindeers anything,
    but the time is leaning.
    so he went off saying ' it's better than nothing'.

    The reindeers flew with hunger,
    But santa gave a mighty whip.
    thus the reindeer flew higher.
    And santa suddenly flip.

    he fell rapidly from the sky.
    he went down furiously.
    and he thought he would die.
    the towns people watches curiously.

    "Is that a star""
    "uhh.. is it a plane?"
    "Oh wait, it's Santa!"
    and everyone screams in bane.

    all the people gathered there,
    they built a net.
    showing that they care.
    and hope Santa fall on that.

    Fortunately Santa did fall on that,
    but the law of physics made him bounce back.
    Back to the north pole.
    and land safely with his sole.

    The town was filled with dread.
    The town people was surprised and in sorrow,
    And they said "What the hell was that!"
    "I thought christmas is tomorrow!".