• Tread lightly as you step across the blood soaked field
    Take time to probe the long-forgotten battle.
    Think of how a boy only 16 may have once stood where you now stand.
    A boy forced into soliderhood.
    Maybe his last utterance was “Mother...”
    And right before he bowed to his inevitable death,
    He glimpsed his child hood friend receiving a blow to the head.
    A shot through the minds eye.
    Where both his life and hope are extinguished simultaneously.

    Remember how a grown man may have run at the sight of blood,
    Scared he may loose his hope
    How he now has to live the rest of his life
    Trying to escape the trauma this has left him with.

    Now take a step down,
    Away from the wounded earth
    And ask yourself this:
    Will you share the same fate as this long-forgotten battle?
    Will you let your hope fade?
    For with out it you are as lifeless as the