• Twinkling lights everywhere
    Winking in their spritely way
    Fake snow sparkling
    Glistening through the window
    As you twirl me around
    Cuz I finally found you,
    my lover and can you imagine
    Just in time for Christmas (and you say)

    Put your records on
    Put, put your records on
    Put your records on,
    girl, put your records on
    Put your records on
    Put, put your your records on
    Put you Christmas records on, girl

    Cheery hearts, hearty smiles
    Seems like everyone is happy
    Staying up till 2am
    We're throwing a chestnut roasting party
    Hot cocoa and a crackling fire
    To warm ourselves through and through
    Not to mention the the heat from our bodies
    Dancing, spinning around on the dance floor (and you say)

    Jolly good comfy cozy time
    Yeah, We're making memories
    In the coffee shop
    Noses are red and cheeks are tingling pink
    As the frost rises up but not in our souls
    Sing along with the carolers
    Girl put your Christmas records on.